Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shibuyala 2012 Winter Commercial & Behind the Scenes

Hello everyone~I just wanted to share a commercial that I helped film for Shibuyala clothing store in San Gabriel. They sell many Japanese brand clothing and I felt happy to help them out! It was really fun but super tiring!! I believe this took us an entire day plus another day to film the second part. Here is the commercial and just a few pics I managed to take with my cell phone from behind the scenes ^-^!!


So we filmed this at a girl's house and her house was crazy!! Or more like her super pink room and how she has a separate room that she uses as a closet! Then for her own small closet within her room, she uses that for her dog's outfits. It's super crazy!!

The super pink bed

Clickie for more!

I swear I saw a couch like this at a Hello Kitty Cafe in Taiwan

She painted the walls pink

Her doggy's closet..with a mini shoe rack too O_O

Pink phone and flowers!

mini bedside chandelier candle thingy

Note: ALL CLOTHES ARE HERS except for that red Liz Lisa Cloak

It looks like a clothing shop


I was getting my makeup done in here ^-^

I WANT A SHOE BOX THINGY!!! and that Samantha Thavasa purse

I like the way her perfumes are displayed

haha my "Just woke up" look

I'm suppose to look as natural as possible XD~which I look super tired in the video

Rawrrrrrr bed head!

just to show more pink walls~

haha the doggie in christmas outfit

So for the 2nd day filming, I went to another house and I got bit by a big doggie =/ yeah...it got better though!

WOOHOO! Almost done with 2011 posts =]!!