Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Geo Sakura Pink Circle Lens Review

Yay!! I finally finished school! It really was a week of torture though T^T! I got sick right before finals and then during that whole week, I barely got any sleep and just had a bunch of cough/ dizzy attacks. At least I'm done with all the testing ^o^♥ The only sad thing is after packing and moving out of dorms, I have to unpack everything =__=...and I'm still coughing to the point of no return. Other then that~I've accumulated some photos for a review =D!! Finally right??

Today my review will be on Geo Sakura Pink Lens♥

I actually bought the wrong lens. I was hoping to get something like the EOS jewel lens in pink but since the title of these lens were misleading, I bought them. On they were listed as Sugar Pink or Sugar Candy Pink..something like that ^^". After seeing the lens and researching on it, I found out it was the Sakura Lens by Geo.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Short Update On Life..and Upcoming Reviews ♥

This post is just because I felt like sharing and because I felt bad for not updating with the reviews I have piling up. School is ending for me in two weeks and everything is hectic T^T and my procrastination is getting worst! I'm re-watching Inuyasha episodes for gods sake =_=...and on a night where I have a 6 page research paper that I haven't started on due the very next day! *sighhh*

Anyways, today I feel like I'm burning. If anyone happens to be my friend on facebook you'll find my numerous "It's hot!!! My room feels like a Sauna!!! I'm melting!!" posts =D! I can't believe it's 90 degrees in the Beach Area O_O!! What's worst is my dorm upstairs is hotter then outside =_= seriously?? WT!!!

So what I wanted to share was a song I found annoying when it first came out because I wasn't use to 4 minute's new style, but after hearing it a billion times, I am now addicted to it ^3^"~~:

Aside from that I just want to show what to expect for future reviews~~I bought like 3-4 hauls already from but I haven't really reviewed everything! I also got a few things from Sephora and

So what to expect:

Dollywink Volume Mascara~I'll try this with my long one together!

Lioele Blooming Pop Lip Tint: I have all 3 colors, Pink, Red, and Orange~~

K Palette 1 Day Volume Mascara

I have natural brown~

Geo Xtra Candy Pink

You guys probably already seen all of these but since I got it a while ago, I plan to finish swatching it !!

shimmer brown♥

NEW COLORS FOR SHATTER!!! I got the white one =D..but I want the Navy and Turquoise too!

My favorite foundation so far♥

I also bought a bunch of extensions and wigs...but I haven't figured how to use them yet...or my hair color is kind of not matching =3="...but for now that's what I have coming up~~As you can see, I shop A LOT O_O..I bought a lot of these within a short period of time T^T~~Anyways, I'll try my best to post up reviews as soon as possible but I most likely won't get to a bunch of them until school is over! Two more weeks~~Just two more weeks *_* ♥♥♥