Saturday, September 17, 2011

Geo Angel Define Circle Lens Review

First off, I'm so sad that I lost my camera charger!!! I need to find a replacement or else I won't be able to take photos =[ for now I've reverted back to my old crappy camera. Therefore, some really crappy photos and the lighting is probably ghostly or way off. Forgive meeee!! But because I said I'll put up review ....even though it took me a while...crappy camera it is!

Now...I have been trying to find a replacement lens for my Acuvue Define lens. Those were really super natural everyday lens, that naturally enhanced one's eyes. It wasn't very noticeable but it was quite convenient! Sadly, everyday lens are pricey and I bought those in Taiwan. So I was definitely looking for natural lens that would last me a year ^o^! I have found them!! They are not as natural as Acuvue, but they definitely lean towards the natural side when it comes to circle lens.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Candylicious BarbieEye Bambi 3 Tone Blue Lens Review♥

Long time no blog!!! I just started school and I can't believe how busy my first week was!! It ranged from cooking pasta, casino school night, baking pizzas, crazy card game punishments, and sleepless night fun at palm desert resort! Anyways, at least I took some photos for circle lens review. For the above picture, I bought both pink and blue but I only got the chance to try the blue Bambi lens by Candylicious. These were purchased from apple of your eyes. They have a wide range of lenses that I have never heard of but are gorgeous!! Also at a great price!

Anyways on to the review.........