Friday, August 26, 2011

NYX & Other Lovely HAUL♥

Hello~~I've been having a hectic week with interviews and teaching students! Barely any time to blog! BUT I did buy a crap load of stuff which I will get to reviewing! I've been trying to take better pictures for my new lens that I've received from Apple of your eyes, but it's not going so well so I'm going to do retakes and make a good review =D!! Just in case your wondering, they are candylicious bambi blue & pink!!! Other then that I purchased a liz lisa jumpsuit SUPER CUTE!!! Also I bought lens from eyecandylens as well, and A LOT of NYX makeup!! It's almost 4 I'll let the pictures do the talking and update a review within the next few days for some of the items ^o^!!

Candylicious lens

forgot to mention a new lip tint balm =]

bunch of products on top of my new Liz Lisa Jumpsuit!


EVEN MORE glitter!

VERY natural geo define lens
so here is a model picture of the jumpsuit, except mines in pink as shown above~

I'll be sure to do swatches, reviews, and I'll show a better pic of the dress when I have the chance ^o^ ~~Lastly just a pic or two of my recent nails..kind of messy since it's been a while but better late then never picture!!

my nails already kind of grew out~~but these were my nails last week

My current nails~~mix of shatter and...uh...I don't know what that is!

See you guys soon on my blog!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Makeup For Ever Aqua Liner Review: Truly Waterproof?

Do any of you guys hate liquid eyeliner that smudges or just doesn't stay on? Have you guys ever wanted to go swimming with makeup on but feared that your makeup will just melt into a big mess? I was in all of these situations! I wanted to go to the beach, swimming pool, or water parks and look good for fun pictures!

Sadly, I was scared what would happen to my makeup if it touched water. So 5 years ago, I discovered a liquid eyeliner that was just AWESOME!!! I got it from a Make Up Forever Aqua Kit and decided to give it a try at the swimming pool. Surprisingly my makeup was intact after the 2 hours in water and it wouldn't even come off until I used makeup remover! I was so impressed!!  After so many years, Make Up Forever changed the packaging and I decided to give it a try and see if any changes have occurred.

Monday, August 8, 2011

PA Eternal Nail Polish & Glittery Nails *3*

Recently for my birthday, I received a gift of two pink polishes from PA's Eternal Nail Collection. I forgot the name of the polishes but I highly believe it's Happy Pink & Sweet Beauty. They are both such a feminine pretty pink color! I also used the Sweet Beauty color on my nails recently~paired with OPI's Teenage Dream and some random silver glitter polish to create a glittery pink look.

Anyways here are some swatches of the nail color~I apologize about my camera and lighting. The colors are so gorgeous but for some reason my camera can't capture the color well..just like in my urban decay swatches the lighting made it looked worst.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette♥

    Yay!! I was dying to get this wonderful palette for a while ever since I saw the review about it from Jen frmheadtotoe! It was sold out on Urban decay's website so I was hoping it would go to Sephora but I couldn't find it. THEN one of my best friend told me she got it since Urban Decay got it back in stock!! RIGHT AWAY I ran off to get it!! Well more like clicked away ^o^!! I ended up getting two because I have a Sephora's gift card and I I will be selling off my other one.

SO my lovely palette came yesterday and I was ecstatic!! I immediately teared the box opened and whipped out my camera!! The packaging was just lovely and once I opened it, I saw that it came in a velvet box. You can actually use that to store things so it's quite convenient. Also the case of the eyeshadow is basically a huge mirror with a jeweled UD. Very pretty!! I LOVE pretty packaging *O*!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

How to Clean Silver JewelryTutorial♥

Hello everyone! I have a lot of stuff I want to share but since I'm short on time, I'll just do a quick post! Well I have this silver ring that my boyfriend got me and it was extremely shiny when I first took it out of the box like 4 years ago. mine didn't look that shiny but yeah you get the point ^~^ it was clean looking!! didn't stay that way
. Instead it darkened and turned quite dull. Everyday my mom would tell me how ugly my ring is =__=. I tried everything to make it shinier and get rid of the horrible tarnish. Even those chemical soaking jewelry cleaners didn't work for my ring. I even scrubbed hard with a toothbrush!

Have you guys ever had this problem?? Don't you just hate beautiful silver jewelry becoming dark and ugly, and there's nothing you can really do about it?