Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Princess Mimi (Bambi Series) Apple Green & Photo Shoot

      I feel like I have so much to post, that I had a hard time deciding today’s topic. In the end I’ve decided that I really would like to share my Princess Mimi (Bambie Series) Apple Green lens with the world…or anyone that reads my blog ^_^!! On my previous Princess Mimi Sesame Grey review, I posted a few photos from the photo shoot I did with one of my best friends. The person who took the photos had to do a retake for his project and so, another lovely photo shoot for me =D!! Last time I wore the Sesame grey, so this time I decided to try out the Apple Green.
First off, I will review the pair of lovely lens that I bought off Eye Candy Lens~~I have been purchasing a lot of lens lately @_@ and I think one of my goals is to collect most of the Princess Mimi series♥!! They are all so GORGEOUS!!!

I must say, when I first tried the Sesame Grey, I was very impressed. This time I was not disappointed as well!! Well at least color, enlargement, and visibility wise. The green color was even prettier then the Geo Angel Greens! It was vibrant and really flattered the eyes, but not so vibrant that I look like my eyes are full of radiated kryptonite =D! Aside from the color, the pattern was BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love how it makes my pupil look like the middle of the sunflower, and gold/yellow patterns on the side creates an awesome sunflower effect! Also the enlargement looked really nice~~I’ve seen some extra large circle lens and it made a lot of people look alienish. With this lens it enlarges of course but for some reason it manages to magically keep eyes from becoming bug like ^o^!!!

Now..on to my disappointment…it was similar to the grey lens in where when I first put them on, I felt them. I didn’t feel uncomfortable on both eyes but I felt it on one side. I tried taking it out and putting it back in couple of times but I still felt it. It’s not painful but I just don’t enjoy feeling the edge of the contact in my eye. I’m unsure if it’s just me or if anyone else has that problem but I’m guessing it’ll get better the more I wear it. Overall, I think this doesn’t matter to me as much since the lens being so extremely gorgeous just makes up for it! If you do want super extremely comfortable lens, then this might not be for you~but if you don’t mind feeling it a bit, the awesome color and look of the lens will make up for it ♥

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GEO Super Nudy Quarter Pink Lens Reviw

Hello~~I bring to you a review on Super Nudy Quarter Pink by GEO and also a review on one of my favorite lip tints of all time!! 


Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38% - 42%
Diameter: 14.8 mm, 16.0 mm effect
Base Curve: 8.4 - 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable

I personally am not a big fan of the nudy series because it makes me look a bit creepy. I believe I tried nudy brown and golden blue and I always ended up looking like an owl or a vampire. Even after trying 2 pairs of nudys, I still wanted to buy the pink one. It just looked so nice and it's pink!!! I'm starting to collect pink lenses ^_^ so I thought why not?

These lenses are larger then the normal nudys but, I didn't think it looked that big on the eyes. Maybe it's because I've tried the Princess Mimi series which are 15.0mm?? Anyways, these lens certainly do enlarge the eyes but it isn't too dramatic, so you won't look too alienish. I do especially love the color because it looks kind of pink but at the same time it has a bit of a lavender like tint. As for comfort level, I can feel it in my eyes but my eyes slowly gets use to it and I just forget that it's in my eyes. It does get a bit dry after a while but it's nothing that eye drops can't handle. The only thing I don't like about the lens is that it makes me look a bit tired because the pink sometimes brings out my dark circles a bit more. Other then that, these lens are pretty nice♥


Comfort: 7.5/10 the comfort level was alright~it wasn't the most comfortable lens but certainly not uncomfortable.
Color: 9/10 lovely pinkish lavender like color and very noticeable!
Enlargement: 9/10
Overall: 8/10 These lens are pretty and great for pink lovers♥


In the bottle

eye in natural lighting

eye with flash

face photo with natural lighting

face photo with flash
If anyone is interested, I bought these lenses at and they are on sale right now too!
Next I will review my Princess Mimi Apple Green lens & my new Sugar Candy Pink lens when I have the time~~I just got a new job and it's hectic @_@~~plus I work till 2 am~~Well hope the review was useful!

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Experience at Royal-T Maid Cafe♥


   I've always wanted to go to a maid cafe especially after reading about them in mangas and hearing about them on television and from my Japanese roomie. Then I found out that there was actually one here in California *O*!!! So, of course how can I possibly pass this by??
     I made plans to go here with two of my best friends during Spring Break and we were so extremely excited! This maid cafe is located in Culver City and not only is it a cafe, it is an exhibit of cool pieces of art and there is even a cute shop with unique items! Feel free to check out their site at

The front of the shop~taken from Royal-T's home website~~