Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My money T^T!!!

I don't know what got into me lately!!! I sold stuff and I just bought stuff like right away!!! Then just now, I saw the limited edition Nars Fashion Icon Set & I just HAD TO buy it. I also bought a small bottle of Make Up Forever's Mist & Fix today & just not long ago Lika's Papaya Soap, a white leopard bow beret, & 3 sweaters!! Yikes!

For sure though, I'll be sure to post some pictures and reviews of the makeup and maybe the clothes. Also the soap too! I hope the whitening factor of it will work!


^I also bought the grey version of this since the pink one was sold out =[

I actually really wanted the pink one =[ but its all sold out!!!

SEE!! So cute!!

and I bought the white version of this hat~

Lastly the papaya soap&hearts

Hopefully I won't spend so much money anymore until I find a job X_X I'm seriously going to have really good credit probably because I use my credit card so much!!
Also surprisingly I posted twice in a day =O!

P.S: If anyone is interested in brand name stuff for cheaper here is an invitation link from me =]


I bought Urban Decay, Stila, Juicy Couture & other stuff for much cheaper!

I'm Turning Into a SKIN FREAK! (Apple Cider Vinegar)

I WANT GOOD SKIN BADLY!! That is why I have finally decided to try the Apple Cider Vinegar Drink! I have been thinking about it since last semester but I was too scared since the smell scared the crap out of me!

Then during this winter break, me and Juney kept talking about it! One day at her house after hours of attempting to play Howl's Moving Castle theme song, we gathered up the courage and made ourselves a drink.


We were eating truffles after each huge gulp, which defeats the health purposes but the truffle made everything that was about to come up go right back down!

Anyways,so Juney continuously tried this for a week and saw good results. Her small pimples disappeared and her skin was quite clear! She forced her boyfriend to try it and he is SUPER HARDCORE! He actually took it in a spoon instead of a glass of water! Just imagine, I almost threw up from having 2 TBS in a mug of water. He took 2TBS with maybe 1 TBS of water...CRAZY!!

So now it is my turn since I finally have access to my AVC after school started. Juney recommended honey with it so the taste wouldn't be as bad. I wanted to be healthy and use honey as a mask too so I went out and searched for RAW honey. It is very hard because a lot of brands sell fake honey. Well, not exactly fake but they lie about Grade A, organic, RAW, and what ever else you could say about Honey. That is why I based it off the color of the honey when I bought it, since I heard the darker the better! But yes, the honey did help the drink tremendously!

If anyone is interested in the recipe:

2-4 TBS of Apple Cider Vinegar w/ mother (depending how hardcore you are)
1-2 TBS of Raw Honey (this is basically unfiltered, unprocessed, straight from hive)

and a cup of around coffee mug size or whatever you are comfortable with!

I would recommend heating the water for 50-60 seconds and then adding the honey. That way it will blend much better! After all that, lastly add the ACV and stir it up. Then enjoy your healthy not so nasty anymore drink &hearts


Next, another use of this ACV is directly on your skin! I'm starting to drink this and use it as a toner. It has said to fade acne scars and improve your skin's condition in general.

It is recommended to use 1/2 water & 1/2 AVC because using just AVC alone might be too harsh for sensitive skin. Like I used a bit on a q-tip and it BURNED. That is why using water to dilute would be better and not as painful. After a while if your skin gets use to the toner, then you can try using AVC alone.

Here is what mine looks like...except I added a bit more water so it looks lighter:

Well since I have only been trying it for 3 days I can't exactly tell if its working but I'll be sure to update again after a while~For now all I can do is exfoliate and use nose masks =D

Here is some freaky nose masks pictures @_@"

Yup wacko faces with no makeup XD~hopefully the AVC will work wonders for me as it is known as the WONDER DRUG

and I also need to find some cure for dark circles =[

Friday, January 21, 2011

G&G Max Pure Pink Review & other stuff &hearts

Yay! I got a chance to wear my pink lenses today since I was going out with Gillian & Vannie~We all wore our new lenses and I loveee each and every one of our lenses!

So here is what I think about the Pink lenses:


I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Out of all the lenses I bought this time, I &hearts these the most! They are natural and not shocking pink. I'm sure if I bought the Candy Jewel Pink I would look souless and anime like. This pink is more like a violet,grey, and sometimes brownish color. I can still see the bit of dark pink but it isn't obvious. STILL..I LOVE IT!!! It's really pretty & the moment I wore them...I was in love&hearts!

These lenses are also quite comfortable~I always have one eye that is kind of dry so I can't really avoid it. That one eye was uncomfortable for the first 2 minute...well not uncomfortable but I had a feeling of a lens in my eye. After that I was perfectly fine and I didn't even have to use the eye drops for the entire day! I wore them for 7-8 hours straight and was fine =].


Appearance: 8/10 It wasn't BRIGHT but I liked it&hearts
Enlargement: 8/10 It enlarged but not crazily~the enlargement was quite nice&hearts
Comfort: 10/10 I didn't have to use eye drops!!
OVERALL: 10/10 &hearts&hearts&hearts It's just sooo pretty!!!




Okai! So now I talk about my day =D!

Well I went over to Van's house and ate ice cream while we waited for Gill to get ready and then we all went shopping for Kelly's present. Today we did a lot of camwhoring&hearts mainly after getting a drink at half and half..then we did even more at Gillian's house *O*! So the main point of this short paragraph was because I want to spam whoever reads this with photos =D now...ENJOY&hearts


The Caramel Ice Milk with Pudding and Honey Boba


Um..I finished most of the drink within less than 5 minutes =_="


Van's Little sister~Cute!


My Pink Bunny hairtie~


My lashes for today~~


My Lovely friends&hearts


^I am in Rilakkuma lala world &hearts and being smothered by them XD


AND That was the end of my day &hearts!! Sorry for the sharing =D

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Geo Ck-109 & EOS Candy Jewel Grey Review

Hello! I am back as promised with reviews although a little late~~ I wasn't able to review all my lenses today >< but I'll finish up another day and with more pictures perhaps! Also I was rushing since my model was coming over to help me out with the clothes I'm selling! First off~ Geo Ck-109

So when I bought these I was looking for a natural lens that isn't too weird. I bought I believe BC-102 which was brown and it looked a bit obvious even though it was meant to be natural. Also it was a little bit orangey in photos? That is why this time I aimed for black!

These lens didn't disappoint me at all! It was indeed natural even though I could still tell I have lens on. The size of this lens is 14mm so it isn't that big. It was also more comfortable then the BC-102 lens I got. I could tell I had lens on but it wasn't bad =D!! Overall, I like it!! If it was like extremely comfortable I would love to wear it really often but I don't trust this lense to not dry out on me ^^"~


Appearance: 4/10 Because it is quite natural!
Enlargement: 7/10 It is still enlargening but not the most!
Comfort: 8/10 I can still feel the lenses at times
Overall: I wanted natural lense~so I would rate this 9/10






This lense freaked me out when I first put it on! It was sooo vibrant and very anime like. Pretty fake! But I love the color!! It's wierd because this lense looks better in real life compared to pictures or video. They were also comfortable~I think they felt more comfortable then the CK-109! Too bad I wouldn't wear this on a daily basis. I might wear this with more dramatic makeup since it doesn't look as nice with less makeup in my opinion...or at least on me!

Also this is very enlargening~~I think it was 14.8 mm?? I'm not sure..but yeah the ring was quite big! There are larger lenses out there so this one wasn't that bad. For sure it is good for cosplay and quite doll like.


Appearance: 10/10 EXTREMELY VIBRANT!!
Comfort: 10/10 I barely felt them~~
Enlargement: 9/10 since there are bigger lenses out there but this gives a good
Overall: 10/10

Yeah my only complaint is if it looked better in photos as well =/ since I &hearts camwhoring!!






So~next time I will be sure to review the G&G Max Pure Pink Lenses I also got! Also I will be uploading video review of each lense so look forward to them!


My New Eyelashes~



I love this palette &hearts!!

The eyelashes I bought~They weren't as dramatic as I thought and I don't like the material..the lash line is kind of hard so it makes it difficult to put on =[



Addicted Songs~

Ok..I am not updated with songs but I went to KTV with my friends and the songs they sang got stuck in my head. Also I seriously need a new CD! I have been hearing Miliyah Kato's Heaven CD since like beginning of school =_=! I still love her song "Why"~it is extremely catchy! Well here are some songs or performances that I have been loving!


Okai that's a lot XD for now~
Also Kara's Mr. is catchy too with the lalala's~

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 has came for 18 days!

I have a feeling I'll be posting more this year =D I'm not sure about what but I will! I can't believe I didn't post for New years day =_= but then again I had a lot going on since winter break.

Anyways a quick update since last time, I didn't fail Econ. but still did super bad! Um..It's winter break but I'm going to start school next monday =[~ This Christmas I celebrated at my aunt's house in Lake arrowhead and then after coming back I went to a hotpot party. I don't remember much stuff after that but I kind of became really anime freakish and stayed home most of the time! I'm also extremely obsessed with Rilakkumas at round 1 because I can't find it anywhere online! So I spent sooo much money and finally got two =_=.

These past days I've been just uploading like crazy on facebook all my missing photos. I have also been selling on Ebay =D! I've sold urban decay nail polishes, juicy bag, and victoria secrets bikini! Yay!! Now I need to sell everything else! Maybe I'll post it on the blog?

2011 Goals:

* Get much better grades than last semester.

* Lose weight! My inspiration is:

She is soo pretty and skinny! Of course I can't be as skinny as her but I would hope to get my old weight back =]

* Sleep earlier! Sleeping late is a very crucial factor in how much you age!

* Find a job and sell off all the stuff that I haven't sold yet.

* Figure out majority of my problems ^^

~That's all I can think of for now!

Oh! I wear circle lenses a lot since 4 years ago but I have NEVER reviewed any of my lenses! Because I feel that I should contribute to others, I will review some of my lenses tomorrow since I got new ones today! SO HAPPY!

Now..for picture spam:

My Lenses came!

The Rilakkumas I got =D

I rode an elephant♥

and blogger takes forever to upload so that's it for now >_<! Look for a review soon~if I'm not lazy tomorrow =D