Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 3-Youtube video♥

I had a really hard time choosing a video. I was thinking of showing one of my favorite music videos but I happened to stumble on this one CF video. It is called Tomorrow Story and the final episode of it. So it's a short post today~ENJOY♥

Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 2~My Favorite Animal♥

First off, today was an awesome and crazy day. I had my portion of bad luck though...but anyways I will write more about that awesome day and load picture when I'm not lying on the bed, very bloated, and feeling sleepy. The thing I must do now is to complete challenge for Day 2. Well I don't exactly have a favorite animal but I love doggies♥ Since dogs are such a wide range I will specify that. My favorite dog is the Shiba Inu. It always has been a breed I especially liked since super long ago! If your not sure what a Shiba Inu looks like, it is basically a smaller version of the Akita and it looks kind like a fox with a curled tail. Very kawaii! So..instead of blabbing so much I will overload with some pictures ^_^

The Shiba Inu:

Ok..I guess I should stop showing pictures of only puppies >3< so here is a picture of an adult Shiba:

yes...and just because I found so much more cute is just a little bit more..I PROMISE!!!

^ ahhh~~so cute!! It's a Shiba Inu puppy's butt and it is in action! Well that is all and hope I have blinded you all with these cutesy pictures and maybe persuade you to love Shiba Inus too XD! Bye until tomorrow~~and look forward to my post about my crazy lunch today! (All pictures credited to google image)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

30 Day Challenge~Day 1

So this is the challenge me and Juney decided to start for bloggers. This list was founded somewhere on tumblr so i'm not sure who to give credits to but, Juney edited the list so this one is half credited to her♥

Day 1: A Picture of The City You Were Born In

Well...the city I was born in was totally not the city I grew up in. I was born in Harbor City Hospital and other then that I don't even know what the city looks like. So for this topic instead of putting pictures of Harbor City (I can't even find pictures of it ><") I will provide pictures of the three main places I've spent my life. 1. Taipei, Taiwan (3-4 years of my life)

2. El Segundo, California (about another 4 years)

3. Monterey Park, California

(it's the best picture I can find =3=" but yeah this is an event)

(All pictures were taken from google image.)

So..I shall continue tomorrow with Day 2 and enjoy staring at the very huge pictures!