Monday, January 16, 2012

December Outdoor Photo Shoot♥

Peek-a-boo~I see youuu~~
     Ever since my last photo shoot with Shibuyala, this time I was offered a chance to be the model for a group of photographers in learning. There was an outdoor event at Cerritos Sculpture Garden and Library, that was meant to be a learning experience for all those photographers, or another way to build up their profile.

I couldn't have been feeling worst, the night before I went to a Christmas gathering and because the freeways were all closed, I got lost really badly for 2 hours on my way home. I ended up crying on the roadside =__="...and thank god my best friend's boyfriend saw my cry for help on facebook and had her call me to rescue me. It's funny, I had a gps and I still managed to get lost. I also had internet access but I couldn't find a way back home..LAME.

Aside from all that, I was quite sick and it was a bit embarrassing. The makeup artist's mom even cooked for me so I could take my medicine before I ran out in the cold and posed almost non-stop for about 2-3 hours!

Overall, it was a very interesting experience! The next day I even felt sore in my arms and legs from the poses! Below are some of the photos taken, whether behind the scene or the actual photos. They aren't in any specific order but enjoy for those who are interested!

Makeup time!

Clickie for more!

♥ looking off somewhere~

A ghostly kind of smile due to the lighting =]


I love playing with the plants!

wheeee~~~I look like about to skip!

very typical pose

haha am I expecting it to rain =P?

My favorite pic ^o^ Paparazzi!

This is how we got the paparazzi pic!
a bit creepy~but it shows how happy I am to see plants


Night time shooting~

crazy group!

so I bumped my head and they caught the moment ^-^"

I loveee the blurriness!

Photographers do anything to catch an angle ^^"
Sitting on this was a bit scary~

fix makeup time!

The makeup always makes me look so different! I actually look like my mom here~

from above~

the leaves give a fall like feeling

I look surprised!


I don't look sick do I ^-^?


One person changed ^-^~

It was my first time being surrounded by so many photographers and thinking of new poses was extremely difficult! I had to borrow a book on 100 poses and study it for a week, hopefully I was successful =]!

Thanks for reading as always and viewing ^-^ I'm so happy to see more and more people take interest in my blog!