About Me♥


Name: Jessica; Bunni♥
Age:20~turning 21 soon!
Birthday: 07.21.1991
Blood: A+
Signs: Sheep/ Cancer
Height: 5'3-5'4 (somewhere in between)
Located: California, USA
Ethnicity: Taiwanese
Speaks: English & Mandarin~I understand Taiwanese ^_^
School: California State University, Long Beach
Major: Communications with Marketing Minor

Color: Pink, White, & Black
Food: I ♥ whatever I can get my hands on =P
Interests: Makeup, Shopping, Cam Whoring, Music, Anime, Asian culture, Traveling & Singing KTV
Obsessions: Circle Lens, Rilakkuma, "Natural" Freak, & I'm a Shopaholic in need of Counseling & Money Management. T^T

I am a very eccentric person that has random laughing attacks or I'll just smile randomly...but this is because I am happy. I tell people that I am a very shy person but no one believes me because I end up becoming overly hyper and outgoing once you know me. My blog isn't really specified but it started as being a place for my emotional break downs and now it is a place where I just share my thoughts on variety of products and other things with others.