Wednesday, October 21, 2009


T^T you know you know???? Today was my statistic exams and I did not study last nite at all! Well I did kind of like i read three-five definitions and thats it =_=". So I did EXTREMELY BAD!!!! I knew I failed but I didn't think it would affect my grade that bad! I got a D on the quiz cuz I suck at probability and it dropped me from 87 to 84...and now guess what??? Can you freaken believe that my grade dropped 10% from a test????? CRAZY!!!
So since i am here, let me tell you about my study session last night. Well, instead of studying I was here posting my post below and my food camwhore pics. Then I finally went into the common room to study with little Kei and we talked about how shes getting old XD! So...we then talked about making music video for the nasty version of Everytime that me, June, and Van formed in 7th grade. (yeah...we mature young =])...and as it goes on...We decided to form a sex education video out of that XD hehehehehhe can't wait! and yeah...then we talked about pubic hair and if ppl shave it or w.e and yeah useless things. That went on from 9:45 to around 12 a.m =_= nice huh??? almost 3 hours of worthlessness! ALSO it was soooo gross...i already forgot if i blogged about this but I was eating cheerios and after I used salt water to rinse my mouth cuz I have to 4 x a day. While i did that, i spit out something that looked like cereal with blood on it. But nooo you know what that was??? My roommate told it was A SCAB....DUN DUN DUNNNN!!! Yeah..I was so grossed out but suprisingly my left side that usually hurts from the wisdom tooth procedure felt more free? EW....yes. That is my current situation I am in.
Aside from bombing my test I am going to celebrate that tonight =_=. Retarded I know...but haha I don't like tests T^T...I also got assigned ANOTHER 8 PAGE ESSAY!This is so screwed up...but I will have to go to borders to buy the book and go find the video because thats what this 8 page essay is about, compare and contrast. By the way..I had a coffee cake and cheese cake with pumpkin ice cream. That tasted hella good *O*!!!!

This is a very random useless post but...I must post and I will complete this by a few vows.

My Vows:

1. I will review my math notes at least every two days.
2. I will do my math homework consistantly so I don't stress at last moment.
3. I will study for my test like a bad women.
4. I will bring up that stupid math grade *_*
5. I will not spend 147 a few days.
6. I think I will just start saving money.
8. I will start to eat less junk food and a smaller portion.
9. I will attempt to exercise when I have the time.
10. I will...I don't know I just wanted to make a 10th one so it looks even XD!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A few updates

Ok..I can't keep my promises of updating and posting pix =___=" sorry people!!! Well so far these past few weeks have been soooo busy! I just got my root canal done one week and then the week after that, I was chewing on this cracker after crying from theatre (all the monologue stories were soooo freaken sad!!!) and then next thing I tooth that I did my canal on cracked and fell off. O_O I was soooo devastated and im like "AHHHH!!!" My roomate stared at me...and I showed her my tooth..yeah. After that I had to drive alllll the way back to monterey park. I didn't want to since I remember last thursday my dentist was like "The doctor that does wisdom tooth comes once a month on a thursday, so you should come back next week to pull them ALL out." Of course I said no because I had enough pain already. But NoOoOooooo!!!! I guess it was fate..I had a bad feeling...and when I got to my house, my mom told me that I was getting all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out!!!! FUCKKKKK!!!!!! So anywayssss, the process was horrible. I was tearing up from the 6 shots. I was so numb I didn't feel anything but pressure...but afterwards my face was swollen and uh....I looked deformed. It was like that for a few days and it barely healed yesterday. I couldn't eat ANYTHING!!! I attempted ice cream sandwhich, but I couldn't even fit it in my mouth because I have stitches on all sides.
Finally my mom cooked me beef porridge and I swallowed it..literally. Then she thought that I had so much blood loss so she made me drink 4-5 bottles of birds nest. problem...but heres the deal....When ever I drink birds nest, I ALWAYS ALMOST 99.99999% get my period sometime soon. But she insisted since the beef and birds nest will help me recover my blood loss. So yeah...I ate my infection and pain killing pills...and went to bed cuz I couldn't drive back to long beach for my friday classes. Next day comes and guess what? MY UNDIES ARE FREAKEN BLOODIE!!!! MY PERIOD FREAKEN CAMEEEEE!!! Now that really sucks because your not suppose to eat cold stuff when your on your period but after my wisdom tooth got pulled I can't eat hot stuff cuz it will cause pain and trouble with blood clotting. Yeah...fml.
Well on to other things, oh yeah almost forgot about the cracked tooth. The other dentist came to see me after my 4 teeth were pulled and I couldn't talk so I showed him my teeth. He was like "ohhh present for mee???" =___=" man. They couldn't fix it cuz I need a tooth cover or fake teeth so they just put something on it and the nurse was like "NO! That is black it won't look good" the dentist was like "Its not like shes getting married or something!" =______________= wtf.
but yeah...I eventually got the non-black something.
So today I finally did my personal monologue and messed up. I was shaking that I forgot my lines so I couldn't memorize it word for word like my teacher wanted. ITs okai though, At least I got the whole story done right??? As for tonight, I HAVE TO STUDY for my stats T^T cuz i bombed my stupid quiz on monday since the whole time i was trying to finish the homework! SADDDD but good stuff is I am looking forward to halloween party at kelly's (hopefully everyone goes cuz I NEED FUN IN MY LIFE!!!) and the masquerade is coming up on nov. 5th. HEEEEEE BAD NEWS. I SPENT SOOOO MUCH MONEY T^T!!!! You know how??? First thing was I was bored and I was watching Michelle Phan's makeup tutorial. It was soooo nice and I love her skin<3 then I saw her recommendation on a pimple medicine. So out of impulse because I hate my breakouts and I want that skin...I bought it =_=....30 something gone right there! Then I want to be a nymph, so I saw this wonderful dress because I can't find a good looking nymph costume so I purchased the dress instead. 20 something right there. Next I just liked this other dress so I bought it for no damn reason. 17~~~~~....and my knows what else I bought. I don't even remember anymore X_X!!!! AIIII SO MUCH MONEY SPENT! AND I WANTED TO GO SHOPPING THIS WEEKEND TOO!!! =[ guess no shopping for me.... but then again... I still need my masquerade mask =__= GAH. No comment on my horrible self.
Well I spend money and not just money but A WHOLE LOT OF IT. I really need to make money and to do that I have to open up my blog shop X_X dammit. Well its gonna take a while cuz I have school stuff to do. Butttt if anyone is interested in HAIR REMOVAL DOLL UP FRONT RIGHT NOW. Let me know okai??? I have at least 10 of them in stock so I would like to sell them. hehehehhehee I really need money X_X".

Sorry if this long ass post was boring. I will post some pix up as promised from before and um...I have another story about my dog and the chihuahua (is that how to spell?) that wants to screw my dog..but save it for next time ^^ heheheheeee...

Pix: Determine your own captions =]

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Short Update<3 see...Im suppose to do my homework because I have tons of it due tomorrow >.<> It was all because those stupid monsters at knotts had to follow me everywhere I go! I especially despised that stupid pumpkin! It was like making me look at him and T^T I didn't want to! I hate pumpkins...well those that move and have human shaped bodies.
Yeah..then at the SAME exact place this year, I got the shit scared out of me by this monster. It was a different one than last year but SHIT. It was freaken scary and said it got its scars from claws and he said he was going to give me some scary scars too T^T. Also you know what is soooo sad? NO ONE EVER HELPS ME. I ran around and my b/f just walked around calmly and my friends just stood there laughing...=_= Tracy at least got support...should I cry next time too??? Aiiiiii >.I believe I twisted my ass...but then my roommate corrected me and told me it was my lower back. That was from running -____- ...from monsters...both in the maze...and outside...and there was another monster who said he wanted to eat me and put barbecue sauce. I personally don't think its the right time to eat barbecue bunnis. But yes..that was my day at Knotts.
As for other events, I attended a fashion show that was horrible cuz half my body was in the sun and I was sleepy!!! Then I went to Knotts and guess what?? I had to wake up early cuz I had to attend the fashion show again today =_="..but good thing was I camwhored hell lot in my house and in my car XD I was like a piggy in the car! I was camwhoring with my food and ppl were passing by the car staring at me wierdly..its like a girl in a bright bright dress with overly bling bling on because of the humungous crystal earrings and that shiny crown =_+ and a very obvious sash....and she was eating out of a box and taking *3* face pix with her meat XD

I shall post those pix tomorrow after Im done with my piles of hw which I am not doing =_= cuz im here talking to myself in this word box. MY MAIN POINT FOR THIS POST IS NOT ALL THE ABOVE!!! I just really wanted to share some songs I am SO addicted to for some wierd reason =_="

YOUTUBE THESE VIDEOS OR JUSST FIND THESE SONGS!!! I prefer not to watch the videos cuz some of the songs sound good without visualization.

here is my list:

1. 忘れないよ (wasurenai yo) -Thelma Aoyama
2.ここにいるよ(koko ni iru yo)-Thelma Aoyama ft. Soulja
3.そばにいるね(soba ni iru ne)-Thelma Aoyama

4.(daikkirai demo arigatou)-Thelma Aoyama
5.どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou?) -Dong Bang Shin Ki<3>
6. Bad Boy- Son Dambi

I don't understand why im so addicted and some of these are a little old but <3<3<3 *_* I believe it is the influence of my suite mate who made me hear some of these and plays these all the I cant stop hearing it =_=...As for the last song I found it on someone's blog and ...I like it<3 XD Well enjoyyyyy~~~ I am going to listen to these...oh yeah one more: old but her voice is sooo cuteeee!!

Ai Otsuka-Daisuki da yo

Bye Bye till Im not busy and I WILL post up pix!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hi everyone!! I'm not even sure if anyone goes on my blog XD but if you happen to pass by..please vote for my doggie here:
Thank you!!! heres the picture of her:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Bunni's new beginning<3

Since this will be a new beginning for me, I will first off introduce myself before ranting about how horrible my life is =_=".

Moodibunni's Intro:

My name is Jessica Chiu.
My other names:
-珈瑜 Jia Yu
-ひとみ Hitomi
- and now Pikachiu =3="
I am born in CA but my background is from Taiwan.
My birthday is on July 21st and I am now officially 18.
I graduated from Mark Keppel High School not long ago.
I will be attending California State University, Long Beach.

Bunni Likes:

  • Apples & Strawberry anything
  • Bunnies as you can see
  • I love other animals like doggies too
  • Singing at KTV for fun<3
  • ASAMU milk tea or flavored milk tea
  • cute pink girly things
  • accessories & mickey shaped things
  • My puppy Mimi (almost no longer puppy)
  • in me holding my camera or with my approval
  • Taiwan & Japan
  • asian music<3
  • Anime + manga
  • Sorry..I like too many things so I shall stop ^^"

Bunni Hates:

  • science, math, almost all forms of sports (except swimming, ice skating, or rollerblading)
  • annoying people who don't give up when they should
  • not having money V_V like right now...
  • taking pix when I'm not ready
  • Fakes & Liars
  • going to any place with medical service T^T
  • bugs of all kinds!
  • being forced to do ANYTHING

Bunni's Addictions:

  • Japanese nails ( I can't stop T^T)
  • Eating<3
  • Buying things in general =_="

More about the Bunni....

I am seriously a big time procrasinator and VERY lazy ! ^^"
I don't really know what I should do with my life yet.
I really wish I could live happily without stress from so many issues.
I enjoy attention at times but publicity isn't for me.
I really wish I lived in a fairy tale..I seriously love the big poofy princess dresses *O*
Although I don't look like it, but I am probably the craziest one out of all my friends & the wierdest one.
People are usually happy with me around most of the time.
I myself is usually happy but I do have a horrifying temper when I am unhappy.
I love cute guys with nice hair but even so V_V I am still being loyal to my annoying b/f.

You know..I am really procrasinating right now because I am suppose to pack for my dorm @_@ so instead of me continue writing an endless entry about myself, hang out with to me...and as time passes, maybe you will get a glimpse of the freaky bunni<3