Friday, January 13, 2012

Shibuyala Photo Shoot, Japan Up Magazine, & Endless November Days♥

    I have finished sharing most of the important events from October, now I shall move onto once again, an eventful month! This month started with a surprises & ended with never ending excitement!
Behind the scenes!

     I was able to participate in my first legit series of photo shoots! I had my hair and makeup done with Shibuyala Clothing Store as a sponsor for clothes! I was able to meet the owner Elly and had a chance to try on all the wonderful clothing! Even though I wasn't too fond of the hair and makeup, since it was a completely different look that I wasn't use to, but never the less, I had a ton of fun!

   Then as the month went on, my manager from my new job asked me to represent the restaurant by being the cover of Japan Up magazine for the December issue, which is circulated all over Los Angeles!!! I was thrilled and happy to help out!

Look! It's me =D!! I look kind of chinky but it's okai =]

   Overall, the rest of the month was so eventful and I felt like I never had free time! I'm happy to share it all with you finally! Below are a series of photographs from behind the scenes to the actual photos and of course other photos from November. Enjoy!

fixing hair
I believe the photographer was telling me to pretend there was a panda walking out~

Modeling Dazzlin' Tiger Sweater


Haha Explaining how to pose??

Not my favorite, but I look really happy O_O

Ahh~~let's play with the leafie~~~

the makeup looks really different right??

checking out my first timer poses!

normal smiling pic

With the photographers

marine/ school girl style?

wooo I like furries!

I just like the blurriness!

Poof! o3o

Elly was so nice!!

My dad didn't recognize me~~

leg exercise to lose weightt!!


Off to eat at my workplace~I'll post pics and reviews later on =]


Gaja Okonomiyaki~

Kei-Chan & Me~



After finishing Japan Up photo shoot!

Tired from the hell of a traffic from Santa Monica

But then I got to eat okonomiyaki!

The makeup that was left from Shibuya shoot~

I wiped off some but you can still see how heavy it looks~

Thanksgiving potluck!!

Jessica Bear & Kei Bear dressed up for Christmas!

How I deal with left over sashimi

Wei Wei!! So cute!!!

Nabe!!! soooo good!

Of course we cooked udon too!

Except we burnt the pot

I stayed up all night until 10 am in the morning playing games & eating =3=..hey at least I won at Mahjong!

Happy Birthday Daddy♥

I hope my LOADS of pics entertained all those bored readers or for those who are curious about my life! I look forward to updating as much as possible the moment I get a chance to! I'm currently working so much T^T!! Thank you for reading!!