Monday, January 23, 2012

Boring Random Bits of My Winter =3

I didn't want to stuff my other posts with these photos of randomness so I'll just share them now~ take a quick peek if interested~If not...feel free to skip this random post =3


"Shooting the Peacock"

I love how the tree is red while the grass is so green

Waterfall =3

Haha becoming one with nature

awwww the cutest little squirrel♥

Dark tunnel~

Gingerbread house in the process of making


This was actually from Black Friday but I never showed how crazy it was.  I thought I was going to die.

Driving home from Black Friday as the sun went up~

Can you believe it? We waited in line from 9pm and now it's 7:28 am =O..and I bought some stuff that wasn't on sale. EX: NARS BRONZER XD

I went to car show but I only took photos of what I liked the most~like the Mission Impossible concept b/f just wanted me to take a picture of him in the car =3= lol.

I got bit~not once but mult. times by my random drunk fellow staff members =_=

At work~I forgot my bento box and the chef was sooo kind!! He cooked for me still!

Spicy Spicy Spicy T^T

Korean hotpot

Spicy squid