Monday, January 9, 2012

Seven Sins Halloween

   Before Halloween arrived, my friends decided to each choose one of the sins and have that as our costume. Of course before our get together, my besty and I decided to have a photo shoot of our outfits!
   I decided to portray Avarice (Greed) and she portrayed Wrath. Super fun to dress up and play around with our face =D hohoho♥ Then later on that day we ended up going to Round 1 for a Rilakkuma Halloween Party!

There isn't much I can really say besides prepare for a blast of photos from the photo shoot and a few from the Rilakkuma party~~ Keep viewing for photos ^-^ I'll try my best to limit the amount I post!!

I kind of look like a yellow cupcake ^o^

Click Read More for TONS of pictures!!
First off here are some cool edited pics my friend did~then you can see the originals:


Now for originals:

haha wrathful!

Sadly I don't have much Rilakkuma pictures =[ but it's okai! Now that I've rushed through this post @_@ I have to rush off to work before I'm late! Hope everyone enjoyed the bunch of photos!!