Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gal-loween at Royal-T Cafe

             Since I have not updated for the past few months, I'll start off with October 2011. It was such a crazy busy month but probably the most fun I've had for longest time. If I remember correctly, I attended Knotts Scary Farm, Ghost Ship, and Queen Mary. Aside from that I also had events for my club at school, a halloween photo shoot, and I got my first real job!!
          Of course the unforgettable was the event at Royal-T Cafe! It was my very first Gal-loween and definitely won't be my last! I was unsure of what to wear so I ended up buying a new Lolita dress. I had so much fun just taking photos and I got to meet so many new people! I even ended up meeting Hello emy at the event =D!! Happy Night♥ and because I NEVER win anything, so I was pleasantly surprised by my luck in the raffle as well!

Today my first official blog post of 2012 will be photos taken from Gal-loween. The lovely start of so many happenings ♥

Lovely meeting with beautiful people♥
Please click read more to see my bunch of photos =]

WOOHOO!! I got to meet Emy ^o^

It looks like we went clubbing =P
a happier smily pic =]

Livia & Minnie Mika♥

I don't know why I'm staring so intensely ~~

Another pic of us 3 =D

Cute Cute Annie♥ can you believe she's a future lawyer??

a full body pic of my lolita dress ^-^

a few of the mannequin displays

Sadly this was the only part of the fashion show I captured T^T

Risa & Mika!! Risa recently helped host the Akihabara Winter Anime event!!

Mika getting her makeup done =]

I loveeeee camwhoring

My makeup for the night~I was suppose to add false lashes on bottom..but I got lazy =P so I drew them!

If you viewed this far, thank you for viewing!! I will be posting more photographs of different events and happenings from the past few months. It might not be in order but it happened all the same! Enjoy and once I catch up, I'll start posting reviews once again and other daily things!