Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Akihabara Winter Wonderland

 I wasn't able to get much photographs from that night so I had to jack a lot from my cutie friend Mika Tiffany♥! Any professional looking photos are from the awesome photographers and taken from Cherry-Jelly Production's facebook page!! We both attended an awesome cosplay event hosted by Risa, one of the owners of Cherry-Jelly Productions. As all of the other events, this one was held at Royal-T Cafe and I saw many amazing Cosplays!! There was a live band playing, great winter themed cosplay fashion show and of course a cosplay contest! Can anyone guess who I was?? *I'll tell you the answer at the end ^-^*

My cosplay outfit~I don't have a school girl bag though!
Shibuyala owner selling her cute stuff!

This was an AWESOME handmade costume!


My favorite couple!! They are so adorable! I can't believe that's a guy though!


Pikachu =3

Sexy candycane~and awesome cross dresser right there!

It's Risa!!

A bit creepy but =D I like the pic?

Risa chan~It's like a student with a hot teacher!


new friend!

Mika modeling makeup for Rockeresque Beauty

cuteeeee *_*

♥ I love Mika
My eyemakeup~hard to see but I'm wearing Jun Komori's eyemazing lash 001 & Dollywink Real Nude

My bestie gave me these earmuffs~fit x-mas theme?

Oh and I'm wearing Princess Mimi Almond Brown =3
Can you guess my character by hairstyle? I had to tie my wig to look like it @_@

ahh my bows getting crooked =[

Sorry I camwhore A LOT~It's just I don't cosplay often TT^TT

My really crappy handmade bow X_X I tried my best handsewing it!
at least it looks decent? ^-^

Last pic of the night!

So...did anyone guess who I was?? If not..............

Yup~I attempted at Ume Kurumizawa from Kimi ni Todoke!! It was really last minute and I basically re-used the skirt, stockings, and shoes from my Enma Ai cosplay. Sadly the sweater wasn't cheap =[ I don't get why it is so difficult to find a normal cardigan like that these days!! As for the wig, I originally used femme fatale wig from lolita wigs and just tied it myself. If you haven't read Kimi ni Todoke, I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT!!!

I think I'll re-use this cosplay for anime expo ^-^~~I look forward to the day I can hand make my own costume!!