Friday, January 20, 2012

Rune Boutique♥

Rune Boutique and Doki Doki 6% came to the United States for a free event at Royal-T Cafe in early December and of course I HAD TO ATTEND!!! Not only that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu even came too!

I had trouble thinking of what to wear, so me and my friend just threw an outfit together last minute! Sadly you can't see what my friend was wearing due to her jacket =_=. Anyways today's post is just photographs from the event. I wasn't able to take that many photos so hopefully the video at the end gives a take on the fashion show, performance, and the event itself. Enjoy!!!

click

Art by Rune Naito

I want this nabe pot!!!!


I loved these roses!

so pretty!!

My friend and the black rose displays

Lol of course my turn! haha I look so round @_@

okai last pic of the roses!!

such an adorable tree!

Kitty to match my purse~and me♥


We dressed based on this theme!

My friends lovely makeup! She's so good at eyeshadow application!

quick pic in the restroom after coming home

I had purple and pink eyeshadow on~Used the UD 15th anniversary palette

Once again my makeup~Using colors Omen, Tainted, and Junkshow from UD

special effect editing =D

My eyes, in case your wondering I'm wearing the not yet reviewed Bambi Pink lens

Videos of that night's event for those that missed out =] Part 1 & 2 is Kyary's performance!