Friday, August 5, 2011

How to Clean Silver JewelryTutorial♥

Hello everyone! I have a lot of stuff I want to share but since I'm short on time, I'll just do a quick post! Well I have this silver ring that my boyfriend got me and it was extremely shiny when I first took it out of the box like 4 years ago. mine didn't look that shiny but yeah you get the point ^~^ it was clean looking!! didn't stay that way
. Instead it darkened and turned quite dull. Everyday my mom would tell me how ugly my ring is =__=. I tried everything to make it shinier and get rid of the horrible tarnish. Even those chemical soaking jewelry cleaners didn't work for my ring. I even scrubbed hard with a toothbrush!

Have you guys ever had this problem?? Don't you just hate beautiful silver jewelry becoming dark and ugly, and there's nothing you can really do about it?

Home Jewelry Success Tips<--click!! It gives you a lot of wonderful advice~and that was where I found out how to remove tarnish from silver. Just in case you guys are too lazy to go to that website and search for the instructions~I'll give them to you right here ^o^!! Plus I have photos too♥

What You Need:

Aluminum foil plate or Aluminum foil and use it to cover a plate or bowl!

Water Softener~but a GREAT substitute is Baking Soda found in our homes♥
Lastly Salt!!


1) First add 1 Tablespoon of Salt & 1 Tablespoon of Baking Powder into the plate or bowl. (IT HAS TO BE ALUMINUM!)

2) Then add hot water (NOT BOILING) into the mixture.

3) Stir until dissolved.

4) Now put your silver jewelry in and watch the magic happen *O*!!

According to the website:

"How long do you need to keep your silver in the solution? The results may be immediate, or they may take a few minutes. However, if an item is very tarnished, this cleaning method will not make your jewelry perfectly clean and looking like new. Additional polishing will still be needed."

Also they recommend NOT putting silver jewelry with precious stones into the solution. Although people have done it, but they recommend not taking the risk. It's up to you. Also it's not suitable for antique jewelry, because it will remove the tarnish that makes the jewelry look antique.


SO~ I did it and found it to be extremely useful!! I showed my mom and she ended up dunking all of her jewelry and my dad's into the solution. Most of the jewelry turned shiny and no longer had black tarnish on it. Her earrings looked like BRAND NEW!!!  As for my own ring, it doesn't look as new as it first did, but it looks like I took care of it well and it's all silver~~No more black stuff on my ring!

Now~~For some photos of jewelry that was cleansed and a before and after photo of my ring ^o^!!

Sorry for the bad lighting >_< and my crappy camera~~

Some of the jewelry~as you can see it doesn't look new but there's no black stuff!

up close picture of my mom's ring and mine ^o^
BEFORE: So..This is my tarnished ring before~As you can see, the inside edge of the heart is all black =[

AFTER: Okai..bad lighting but as you can see from first few pics and now..IT'S CLEAN!!

Seriously..this was so awesome!! I literally saw the black stuff disappear and it sizzling int he solution~Apparently it is some cool chemical process where the aluminum reacts and pulls off all those suckers!!  To me this was miraculous since expensive jewelry cleaners didn't do crap for me T^T!! This was so cheap and easy~plus most of the stuff is found in the house!
LASTLY!!! I haven't tried this, but according to that website, in order to keep silver from tarnishing, buy those tarnishing prevention cloths from jewelry stores OR BUY CHALK AND SEAL IT WITH YOUR JEWELRY!!! I plan to try that =D!!

Anyways, I hope this will be useful to someone because I certainly loved this and wanted to share it with the entire world!! Thanks for reading! Look forward to my upcoming reviews and posts!!


THT Christina said...

YAY! Finally a way to clean my silver jewelry =.= Thanks for this! Glad it works too ^^

EpicuriousTravels said...

Perfect! So useful. :D

MoodiBunni said...

Hope it works well for you guys too ^o^

just Jennifer :3 said...

oooh i'm gonna try this out! my ring needs a clean up too xD


MoodiBunni said...

hope it works for you too!

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

This is the most relevant blog post I have seen in AGES. I only wear silver, and I have a LOT of it. And a lot of it is.. old-looking. :/


MoodiBunni said...

^ haha I found this so useful and my parents were going crazy with it! Hope it works for you =D