Saturday, August 6, 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette♥

    Yay!! I was dying to get this wonderful palette for a while ever since I saw the review about it from Jen frmheadtotoe! It was sold out on Urban decay's website so I was hoping it would go to Sephora but I couldn't find it. THEN one of my best friend told me she got it since Urban Decay got it back in stock!! RIGHT AWAY I ran off to get it!! Well more like clicked away ^o^!! I ended up getting two because I have a Sephora's gift card and I I will be selling off my other one.

SO my lovely palette came yesterday and I was ecstatic!! I immediately teared the box opened and whipped out my camera!! The packaging was just lovely and once I opened it, I saw that it came in a velvet box. You can actually use that to store things so it's quite convenient. Also the case of the eyeshadow is basically a huge mirror with a jeweled UD. Very pretty!! I LOVE pretty packaging *O*!!

sorry for the lighting~but I took a quick pic of how you can lift the eyeshadow out and it turns into a jewelry box

As for the colors~AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! So smooth and vibrant! 15 beautiful shades for the 15th anniversary! Just a dip of the finger or brush and you receive a blast of color! The colors are very wearable because of the bunch of neutral looking colors. The only downside for me is that I have trouble wearing the vibrant colors in bright daylight. Especially because I'm under Fluorescent lighting every single day~so I don't want a too dramatic look because those type of lighting tend to um...brighten the color even more!

Enough talk~check out the swatches!!




Overall~I really do love this palette and I can't wait to try out all the colors on my eye =D!!! As you can see in the photos, they are actually quite vibrant and my camera really sucks so it doesn't do the photos justice!

Thanks for reading♥


THT Christina said...

The colors are pretty *w* Post pics up when you wear these colors!

Jace said...

omg~ i love the colour!!
so beautiful!!

MoodiBunni said...

THT: I'll try my best to mention whatever I'm wearing next time I post pictures ^o^

Jace: I love the palette so much♥♥

Kelly. B said...

OMG!! U bought it!! I wanna get it also but I already have three eyeshadow palettes. Did u get it on SEPHORA F&F event?