Monday, August 8, 2011

PA Eternal Nail Polish & Glittery Nails *3*

Recently for my birthday, I received a gift of two pink polishes from PA's Eternal Nail Collection. I forgot the name of the polishes but I highly believe it's Happy Pink & Sweet Beauty. They are both such a feminine pretty pink color! I also used the Sweet Beauty color on my nails recently~paired with OPI's Teenage Dream and some random silver glitter polish to create a glittery pink look.

Anyways here are some swatches of the nail color~I apologize about my camera and lighting. The colors are so gorgeous but for some reason my camera can't capture the color well..just like in my urban decay swatches the lighting made it looked worst.

This is indoor natural lighting.

outside in the sun..I don't understand why the color is so washed out T^T!!

I really do love the color though! Also I thought it was really weird...while I was painting my nails I smelled the horrible nail polish smell...but at the same time I kept smelling a rose or flower like scent. At first I thought I was going crazy~but I KEPT SMELLING IT!!! Then it ended up I'm not crazy because after looking online, the Eternal Collection has a "fresh" scent =o="""!!

So I did my nails~I wanted to try gradation nails but I think I kind of failed ^o^" It just looks like two layers of pink with lots of glitter and a little pearl bow =3♥

Photos of my nail in different lighting:

First off my little pearl bow that's on my thumb~

My nails are a bit messed up =3=

so this was taken outside in the sun and yeah the color looks completely different compared to above O_O"

Overall, I like my nails because normally I don't do anything to them =D so big step for me! I'll continue trying to paint my's so hard though T^T~I can't stay still!!

By the way~do any of you guys have crooked nails? My nails don't grow out nice and straight V_V....


THT Christina said...

The colors are pretty :) Do you usually make the fake nails and wear them though? or just do your own natural nails?

Kaho said...

Hello,nize to me too!

My name is Kaho.
I am from Japan.
I live in Japan.

You are very cute(^0^)/

You Like Anime.
Me too.

You went to ANIME EXPO!
It is very nice!
You saw Hatsune Miku LIVE?

Pleas give me liplay.

Kaho said...


I can not speak English well.

MoodiBunni said...

THT: thanks =] those are my natural nails. I want to use fake nails badly but they don't fit my nails because mine are smaller =[


Hello ^o^ thank you for your comment! nice to meet you too!
I love anime! I wish I saw Hatsune Miku but I didn't =[ the tickets were sold out! Does Japan have a lot of anime expos?

EpicuriousTravels said...

I love the sparkling pink! My favorite color. ^^

Zari said...

happy late B-Day, and your weblog is sooo cute, lovn it <3

Sweet Petitee said...

Loved the colors! pink is super cute ^^

MoodiBunni said...

Epicurious: mine too!! *O*

Zari: thank youu =D wow you actually know my birthday!

Sweet: I love pink so much♥ ^o^

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

looks really pretty! Happy belated bday by the way. I would love to see some swatches on ur nails =)