Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Makeup For Ever Aqua Liner Review: Truly Waterproof?

Do any of you guys hate liquid eyeliner that smudges or just doesn't stay on? Have you guys ever wanted to go swimming with makeup on but feared that your makeup will just melt into a big mess? I was in all of these situations! I wanted to go to the beach, swimming pool, or water parks and look good for fun pictures!

Sadly, I was scared what would happen to my makeup if it touched water. So 5 years ago, I discovered a liquid eyeliner that was just AWESOME!!! I got it from a Make Up Forever Aqua Kit and decided to give it a try at the swimming pool. Surprisingly my makeup was intact after the 2 hours in water and it wouldn't even come off until I used makeup remover! I was so impressed!!  After so many years, Make Up Forever changed the packaging and I decided to give it a try and see if any changes have occurred.

Make Up Forever has a whole line of Aqua makeup which are all waterproof! The one I'll be reviewing today is the liquid eyeliner. It comes in 16 colors, some very vibrant and others perfect for everyday wear! The packaging certainly has changed and for some reason I feel the price has too =[. I thought it use to be $17?? Now it's $23 dollars!! So expensive! Well if it can do it's job well then I think it's worth it. Because it's so expensive, I would probably not use this on a daily basis but for those occasions where I NEED to be WATERPROOFED.

As you can see, the eyeliner brush is quite sharp and thin so it makes great lines whether you want thick or thin. Although I said it looks sharp, I assure you it's not painful! It also picks up a good amount of product so you don't have to keep dipping. The consistency of the liquid is also great! It's very smooth and doesn't become clogged up. The liner also dries QUICKLY so if you make any mistakes you have to prepare a q-tip right away!! Once it dries, IT WON'T BUDGE. That could be good or bad depending on your preference!

Another thing is the formula...I believe it has changed since 5 years ago. 5 years ago I couldn't even rub it off no matter how hard I tried. Also before it seemed that only certain makeup removers work. Now I can actually get it off with most makeup removers! So if you rub your eyes super hard it probably will flake but I'm sure we won't do that will we? No one wants to look panda eyed @_@! Even though the formula has changed, this liner still works exceptionally well in water. It will still be there even after you wipe off the water! Just as long as you're not too rough...
Example of roughness:


Anyways, I bring to you today demonstration pictures of how it is waterproof, along with a picture of my eye =]

I used the liner to draw a bow~It can do thin or thick lines!
it's about to go under the running water~
It's under the running water!!

So after the running water, it's still there!

wiping water off~

 A little bit might have came off, but overall I can barely tell~

naked eye~

a bit blurry but I drew a thin line~

Also blurry~but you can see how thin the line is~I barely notice it with eyes closed

Just in case no one wants to read my paragraphs of review here is a quick rating of the product!


Color:  10/10 I can't say much about it~It's a pigmented deep black color!
Consistency: 9/10 Very smooth and not to clumpy or watery! I just don't like that it dries too fast since I won't have time to fix my mistakes!
Brush: 10/10 I found it very easy to control and it does a good job with both thin and thick lines!
Lasting Power: 9/10 I took off one point only because it can actually rub off if you do it hard. While the formula 5 years ago stayed like FOREVER. Still the staying power is AMAZING.
Overall: 9.5/10 I love it!!


THT Christina said...

:O is it hard to take off with makeup remover though? Some waterproof ones are TOO good >.> haha so I am actually scared to buy them O.o

MoodiBunni said...

Actually it comes off quite easily with makeup remover. I use those ones that shake and are kind of oily? Similar to neutrogena's except I buy the cheap one XD drugstore brand and it works fine =]

Vale ♥ said...

Thanks for this review, I have the liner but never tried it with water !
I love it and I also think it's a great product

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