Friday, July 29, 2011

Lioele Blooming Pop Review & Gloss♥

Hello♥ After a long time, I'm finally back with a review and hopefully I can keep consistent updates T^T!

So today I bring to you a review I meant to do long time ago! It's what I wear everyday because I love it so much!! Lipstick is lovely because it can add some color to your face but, it can be messy~and I don't like eating it. That is why I decided to try out lip tints since they give off a more natural look and the color stays too. As for those that want a dramatic look, lip tints can provide that as well! All you have to do is layer it and add some color popping gloss ^o^!! I sound like I'm advertising huh?

                                                                                              Above Image from Google

Anyways~I've tried couple lip tints before in my life...I believe it was from Sephora? I just don't remember the brand. BUT it didn't stay on that well so no need for my mentioning >=]. What is WORTH mentioning is Lioele's blooming pop tint collection. In case you guys don't know about Lioele, it is a korean brand that is sold on I was hesitant in trying out products I never heard of, but I must say...I'M A FAN♥♥♥

As you can see, these lip tints are tiny little bottles that come in 3 different colors. There is Pinky Tint, Orange Tint, and Cherry Tint. All are very typical natural looking colors for everyday wear. It's NOT just a lip tint, in fact you can even use it on your cheeks!! The packaging is cute and convenient for on the go~~it just kind of looks like nail polish and sometimes people look at me like o.O "Are you putting nail polish on your lips???"

    Overall I think the packaging is very cute and it doesn't leak ^o^  Also the consistency is perfect. It's not sticky at all and it feels a bit wet at first, but once it dries it feels like you're wearing nothing.

As for the color, it's quite sheer when you blend it into your lips but you definitely see a difference. If you like looking natural, one or two layers of any of the colors is great. If you want a more popping look, do more then one layer and add a bit of gloss. It will definitely bring out your lips! Also for your cheeks, apply a little bit and blend with your fingers. After, put a bit of setting powder to make it look more natural. Very convenient for traveling ^o^ you only need one product for two functions!!

Lastly the staying power is wonderful. I recommend not putting on lip balm before applying the tint. It stays better when it adheres directly to your skin and it doesn't really come off when you're eating. At the end of the day, I can still notice the tint on both my lips and cheek =D!

Only complaint I have is that it can run out fast sometimes T^T! If you use the cherry tint, it actually lasts longer since it's more watery. As for the pinky and orange tint, the consistency is more globby and lip gloss like so more product comes out and it runs out faster too. Otherwise I have NO complaints whatsoever!!

Now on to swatches~~

First off is the original swatch from lioele~I actually think those photos represent the color quite well! It looks pretty similar to that in real life. My photos kind of washed out the color so I had to do a bit of lighting adjustment in order to present it most accurately!

    Above Image from Google

Swatches~in natural lighting~ from top to bottom: Cherry, Pinky, Orange

with flash

After blending the colors

Sorry if it's not that clear T^T I tried~~

As you can see it does show up, but you would need to do more then one layer if you want it to be really obvious. I had to slather on whole bunch just for it to show up in photos since my camera tends to wash makeup out T^T. Also adding lip gloss will sometimes enhance the color.

Ready for all my camwhore pictures of me wearing lip tints??

Before is a BEFORE photo of my clean lips with no color whatsoever:

clean color T^T

Now, first off..

Cherry Tint:

This is a very natural version~see how its not that red?

excuse my heavy makeup, Flash makes it shows up more! Here I have redder lips~

Cherry tint can be made more dramatic as seen here compared to first photo

very red huh?

very cherry like indeed♥

Pinky Tint:

Pinky tint is really hard to see on camera @_@ but its really a nice milky pink!

a pinky muah♥
and I was playing dress I used pinky tint here and cherry later on~

Orange Tint:

Reminds me of how I use to tint my lips with orange popsicles =D

am I blinding you? XD



I can't really say which one is my absolute favorite, but I use pinky tint A LOT. Also they look good combined together too so =D!! It's a bit pricey at 13.00 something~but I think it's worth it because it's much better then some of those brand names at Sephora!!

One last thing~ In case you guys were wondering what lip gloss I'm wearing on top of cherry tint & orange tint...I'm using Korres Cherry Gloss in "Fuchsia" & Vincent Longo Virgin-Lux Lip Gloss in "Take Off" These two really enhances the color of the tints even more =] That's why I used them for my photos!

Yummy smelling gloss that's non sticky and quite natural♥

Take off♥ awesome gloss

natural lighting


Hopefully my longggg Picturefull post made up for partial of my bye bye time. Remember if you're interested in Lioele products, visit! They carry a variety of Lioele products and they are actually permitted to distribute Lioele products in America. As you can see, I buy a lot from them >_< ahhh my wallet~~~ Thank you guys for reading!! I'm so glad no one abandoned my blog yet! I'll do my best and continue providing reviews and breaking my wallet ^o^!


KawaiiPandas said...

Thank you for this, I really want to try lip tints now :D

Chococcuro said...

When I saw these I was a bit skeptical, but wow these really seem to work!! Thank you for another great review~ You're so gorgeous btw!

Jen said...

I love your photos.. you look so gorgeous ^____^ the tints look great too! Thanks for the review.. are they comparable to the benefit tints? super tempted to get them & try them out!!

Tiffany-kim said...

You look so cute! I really wanted these but I thought they were kind of pricy D:
The pink one looks really pretty on you though!

THT Christina said...

awww! thepictures are so cute and pretty! A lady tried to get me to purchase lip tints before.. maybe I'll reconsider haha ^^

visit my blog too:

Ohy... and Thanks for the review!

Jace said...

I saw that on the store~
My mom thought it was a nail polish until I told her it's a lip/cheek tint

MoodiBunni said...

Kawaiipandas: your welcome ^o^ you definitely should give it a try!

Choco: thank you =D they really do work well♥

Jen: thank you ^-^! I haven’t tried benefit yet but I’ve read other reviews saying that it’s basically like benefit except cheaper so If you’re looking for a cheaper option, definitely try these!

Tiffany: They are a bit pricey T^T but they work pretty well and it’s cheaper than some of those other brands. Of course you can always give drug store lip tints a try. I heard Revlon was quite good!

THT Christina: thank you♥ haha it’s really preference but I just think lip tints stay on better =D

Jace: yeahh it really looks like nail polish >_< I was applying it in the restroom and people stared at me weirdly @_@”

chenyee123 said...

Hello ;')
those lip colors looked really cute and juicy!
i prefer the orange tint, and it does make you looks fair-er

Sam Murakami said...

OMG your mouth is so tinyyyyyyyyyy :D I can't believe a rather grown-out woman can have such a tiny mouth! <3
For the lip tints, I like the orangeish colour most on you (:

MikaTiffany said...


MoodiBunni said...

Chenyee: yeah it does! I think orange colors tend to brighten up your face!

Sam: haha I think it only looks tiny in that up close picture ^^" thank you for your comment♥

Mika: Thank youu Mikachuu♥

Tara said...

I own the cherry one and I love this !!

MoodiBunni said...

^o^ yeah it works super well!

Anonymous said...

Looks really pretty! Now I can't decide on a color since they all look nice, hehe. Thanks for sharing all those pictures!