Monday, July 4, 2011

Vassen I Fairy Dolly Red Circle Lens & Anime Expo 2011 as Enma Ai


     So yesterday I went off to Anime Expo!! As some of you might know, I decided to cosplay as Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) Enma Ai♥ Sadly my wig looked kind of horrible and really fake T^T so my cosplay didn't look as nice as I wanted it to~It made me so self conscious that I was freaking out about going outside and I ran to the car and slammed it on my hair so the whole wig fell off and became super tangled =__= how stupid could I be?? Also it was sooo hot I was melting!!

         I thought it would have been more fun if I went with someone else that had the same interest as me instead of my boyfriend know, I only got to stay 2 hours because he didn't want to do anything??? *sighhh* also I didn't get that many photos~~other people probably got more photos of me then I do. It's okai though~ I had somewhat fun ^o^ and I only saw one other Enma Ai and she was selling stuff. 

Now onto the review first and then all my pictures I took from anime expo!


I specifically bought these red lenses for my Jigoku Shoujo cosplay. I was really in a rush to find good red lens that enlarge and look nice. My first choice was the Candy Soul/ Cherry Red but everywhere was out of stock T^T!! I really wanted enlargement since I was doing an Anime character. This one the color was perfect but the enlargement was not as big as I would like it to be.

   The design of the lens and the pattern I thought was pretty. It made it look like my eyes were actually red and didn't look too fake like other costume lens. It was also quite comfortable and I had no problems with them during the couple of hours I wore them. As I have said earlier, I just wish they were bigger. I think they would look nicer too. The enlargement was 14.5mm but I personally thought it looked pretty normal on me, but if I were to take it off, I would be able to see the difference. Well what has been done has been done~other then that, I have no complaints and the lens did their part! Also I got these from Pinky Paradise if anyone was wondering =D


Comfort: 9/10~comfortable enough and didn't hurt~but I could still feel that I have lens on so not perfect score~
Enlargement: 7/10 Enlarges but compared to other lens these days, these aren't really that big. It's more suitable if your character doesn't have HUGE eyes, in my case Enma Ai does =/
Color: 8/10 Not the brightest red I've seen but I like this red. It's not too bright and not too dark. It's a great shade that's noticeable!
Overall: 8/10 Would have been perfect if it was a bit larger, other then that, I recommend these lens for those looking for wearable red lens =D

Ifairy Dolly Red in Natural Lighting


on the way to AX
This angle makes my eye larger~but not as big as Enma Ai's ^^
Once again Ifairy dolly red with flash~my eyes glow O_O
A photo with an evil cat
Now for Anime Expo Photos:
I tried to make the voodoo doll but failed >_<"
Miku Hatsune! I wish I saw the vocaloid concert T^T
It's so cool how these people create their own costumes
Captain Jack Sparrow!
SO CUTE♥ Kiki delivery service
Last few pics before I leave
I like how creepy the area is~it even has flute sound and a Lonely Pikachu across
After Expo
taken by photographer John Hwang~
Sugoi Book Cosplay Contest Photo Booth


♥ Natalie said...

Woooooooow!!! Awesome pictures! And sooo great lenses! I LOVE IT! ♥

MoodiBunni said...

Thank you♥ I wish I took more though ^^"

Jen said...

Wow. Your costume looks amazing. I wish NZ had an event like this - we have one, but people do similar costumes >.< i love the lenses! Are they comfortable? I heard cosplay lenses weren't as comfortable as normal circle lenses?

MoodiBunni said...

Thank you~I ♥ attending these events and dressing up ^o^ The lens aren't exactly cosplay lens, they are just red so they feel just like normal lens. Quite comfortable actually =]

Doris So said...

awww!! you look great with dark straight hair :)

MoodiBunni said...

thank you ^^

aidana said...

u look sooo cute! great cosplay)

Anonymous said...

可愛い! So cute!! ઈ(◕ั◡◕ั)*゚♡