Friday, July 15, 2011

Natsu Matsuri & Goodbye Party (LOTS OF PHOTOS)~I GOT A NEW BAG *O*

Hello everyone! I've been busy again since my horrible summer school session started! I have to leave my house before 8 am just to be at class in time at 9. Then my whole day is spent at school until 10 at NIGHT. T^T Horrible!!

   Right before my horrible summer school, I went to a Japanese Summer Festival in Torrance known as Natsu Matsuri. The main purpose for that day was to have fun and then throw a surprise party for my friend Momo. She was going back to Japan forever the next day Q_Q!!!

Anyways about the Natsu Matsuri~it is those festivals you often see in dramas that are held during the summer where friends or couples might go to. The girls and guys both wear yukatas and there are performances, games, and ton of food booths. I've always wanted to go and wear a Yukata!! Sadly, that day was so hot I felt like I couldn't stand wearing my Yukata =[ so maybe another time when it's cooler?

But yes...I ate A LOT and you will see food in photos ^o^ below~~


Mika Chu♥ so cuteeee she's wearing a yukata with marie cat!



Korean cold noodle

LOL I love everyone's expression!



Kei made it so nice =D

Ex roomies happy together~~

my favorite Japanese girls&hearts

Momo left forever to Japan T^T

ohh I ♥ her

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we bought moreee

We eat and eat and eat~

LOL I'm so glad it's not my mom up there

lovely cute kids perform

After this~we had to take Momoko out so the others can set up at the house in order to surprise her~~

We ventured off to the mall and starbucks and I was able to buy a new bag and necklace ^o^

drinks that made me freezeee

oh my loves~~

squish you guys!

I love my new purse and really super cheap necklace♥

flower and pearl *O*

I know its a lot of photos =P but um...last batch of at the surprise party!


Mika's mommy made it

all the stuff we used for the surprise

we tend to have same expressions~

See =D?

okai~my expression is different here XD

beaver chu♥


Will miss her so much~I think I cried when I left


so good!! Kei even cooked shrimp, beef pasta with white sauce but I didn't take pic =/

haha I look retarded

we like the restroom


the drink must taste horrible =]

So that concludes this post~I will FINALLY post a review on my Lioele blooming pop lip tint~it's just that I've been having difficulty getting good photos because apparently lip color becomes washed out on camera..unless you happen to have SUPER good cameras.


baby.xi said...

Uwa, you look so pretty and cute and it looks like you guys had a lot of fun :D! Wish I was there, mwahahaha :P

Jace said...

omg~~ thats so cute~~
Love your hair~
I'm drooling already~~~ xD

pinkii said...

Looks so fun :D
You and Mika look so cuuute x3
all the girls are too :)

MoodiBunni said...

baby: thank you ^^ it was fun! If you have one near you, you should definitely attend next time!

Jace: haha thanks ^o^ the food was good..I think that's why i was eating non-stop T^T

Pinkii: Thank you =D

Emy said...

Sooooooooo cute jessica!

I spy Mika!


jamie-lee said...

sad that your friend had to leave but does sound like you had heaps of fun!

MikaTiffany said...

im back to blogspot!!! :)
Thank you so much for that day
I'm so glad we got to hang out & camwhoreeeeee <333
I love you so much See you soon chiuchiuuuuu! <333

MoodiBunni said...

Emy: thank youuu♥ Mika is everywhere =D!

Jamie: Yeah it was sad =[ but great memories♥

Mika: MIKACHUUUUU!!! YESS baby come back to meeee!!