Thursday, June 30, 2011

Princess Mimi (Bambi Series) Chocolate Brown

   During the weekend, I finally got a chance to wear my Bambi Series Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown. I felt brave and wore these to go shopping! My best friend tried it already and in her opinion it was a really orange brown and was seriously like Twilight. After hearing that, I was a bit scared since I am not a fan of orange brown lens but I bought them already and I'm gettinng into a habit of reviewing any lens I buy. I'm glad I'm starting now since I didn't review any of the lens I bought for 4 years!! (I started lens when I was in 10th grade~so 4 years ago @_@")

Anyways on to my review!!

    I will say, these are way more vibrant compared to the almond brown. While almond brown was a true deep brown, this one is bright brown with (sad to say) an orange tint. It's not very obvious in photos but it's quite bright in real life. I was a bit freaked out of myself since they really did reminded me of Edward and his family's eyes. As the day went on though, I felt more okai about them and plus they were one of the pairs of bambi lens that were actually NOT defective!!! They were quite comfortable but got a little dry at times. It passes my test since I was able to wear it for 11 hours without my eyes dying. (I usually don't wear circle lens for that long)

   These lens are great if you like a really pop out brown and if you don't mind a more reddish orange brown compared to a golden hazel brown. I think these also look quite nice and attractive in photos. Overall these lens aren't bad~I just like the other colors int he Bambi Series more.


Color: 8/10 Vibrant!! (I just don't enjoy the reddish brown color though and I know there are brighter lens out there)
Enlargement: 10/10 Perfect enlargement~I love how round it makes my eyes ^o^
Comfort: 8.8/10 Dry once in a while but nothing eye drops can't solve~Overall quite comfortable!
Overall: 8.9/10 because it's one of the non defective lens that I can actually wear, and a little less points because I don't like red brown but its not that bad~also it's not the most comfortable but 8.9/10 is quite good in my book =D!!


natural lighting

with flash

With flash up close~there's a halo O_O

Cam-whore in the car ^o^



my leopard mirror♥

Yay~finally finished reviewing all 4 colors of the Bambi Princess Mimi Series!! Now I can finally move on to collecting other lens ^o^!!

Now that I tried all of them, which one is your favorite?

Apple green

Sesame Grey

Almond Brown

Chocolate Brown

Thank you for reading♥ look forward to more reviews ^o^


Sam Murakami said...

Apple green is my favourite, but they all look quite good on you!
(Although I find the almond one boring because its just...dark xD)
Thank you for sharing! ^-^

baby.xi said...

Apple green and almond brown are my favorite :D!

Marxie ♔ said...

Almond brown is my favorite but I think all that lenses suits you.
Oh, you look cute when you smile too especially the eye smile. :)

If you have time pls drop by:

Chococcuro said...

I see what you're saying about the brown being very vibrant xD I personally like the brown best!! My green one is still in the bottle xD Saving it for when I'm bored one day to open!

MoodiBunni said...

Sam: Thanks ^^ haha I agree that all the designs pop while all of a sudden almond is just natural =D

Baby.xi: I think apple is one of my favorites too ^o^

Marxie: Thank you♥ I followed you =D

Choco: I think they are all quite vibrant ^^ except the almond brown one~You should definitely try the green one! I would love to see how they look on you *O*