Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Candylicious BarbieEye Bambi 3 Tone Violet Lens Review♥

Today I bring you......

I did not even know these lens existed until I was on the search for my red lens! I originally ordered Candy Soul/ Cherry Red but it was sold out so I got these instead from Apple of your eyes. They caught my eye because the design and pattern of the lens is close to identical if not exactly like the Bambi Princess Mimi Lens.

 As you can see, these are very similar~

I was so excited for these because first off, it's violet and I ♥ violet lens!! Second~they look just like the beloved Princess Mimi lens that I'm in love with ^o^ Awesome!! These even come in pink & blue as well! I'm looking forward to trying those as well *O*

Anyways on to my opinions~~

   I am SOLD!! These are so gorgeous just like the Princess Mimi series!! The design and color is beautiful! It's not as vibrant as I expected but the purple color still shows up and I'm pretty sure people can tell my eyes are a different color. From a distance it almost seems a grayish violet color.
  As for enlargement, it passes with flying colors!! These are huge!! I'm not sure if it's the same size or larger but it's BIG. It made me look more anime like compared to when I went to Anime Expo. My mom even asked me, "ARE YOU GOING TO ANIME EXPO AGAIN???"

  Lastly....comfort. From my past reviews, Princess Mimi lens tend to have a lot of defective lens and out of my 4 lens, 2 were defective!! That is why I am so happy to find that these lens look the same and they don't have that defective problem! The lens were comfortable♥ and didn't irritate my eyes when I wore them for 9 hours.

Overall, I am so impressed♥♥♥


Comfort: 9/10 I rarely give full points because I can always tell I still have lens in my eyes~but 9/10 equals close to perfect in my book!
Enlargement: 10/10 perfect score!! I would probably even give over 10 if I could O_O
Color: 9/10 not a very vibrant purple but I loved how it look so I give it a 9 ^3^!
Overall: 9.5/10 Love Love LOVE ♥

Natural lighting

I forgot to take it with flash so I just popped it on ^^" so no makeup eye~

The lens are huge♥

I realized my photos are always in the car ^o^"

Round~ o__O

The sun is bright =D

I seriously recommend these lens!! If you would like Princess Mimi in a different color, these Candylicious lens produced by Vassen will give you that option! They are available for purchase at Apple of Your Eye's blog!

P.S: DISCOUNT 5% OFF~ if you use my name in the Referral Code box.
Just type in: "Jessica Chiu"  and you'll get 5% off ^o^ it's just not applicable during any promotion period! I'm so glad Apple of Your Eye's is so kind =D!

I think this is the first time I updated 3 posts within two days O_O I think I'll give some breathing time after this~~ ^o^ Thank you so much for reading!!


PANDAA said...


MoodiBunni said...

lol it's the first time you commented XD haha but yeah the design is super similar!

Marxie ♔ said...

Wow! It really made your eyes look bigger. and you're pretty as usual. :) I wonder how many lens you have. :P

♥ Natalie said...

Wooow, that's great! Loooove purple lenses on you! *__* ♥


Chanel said...

WOW ! *0*
Those lenses are lovely ! I just ran across you blog and it is very cute !
I follow !


MoodiBunni said...

Marxie: Thank you ^^ they really widen the eyes! I think I have around 15-16 pairs >_< and probably will never wear them enough before they all expire~I'm just really addicted to collecting them T^T

Natalie: I ♥ purple lens~they're so unique because of the color

Chanel: Thank you for following ^o^ I'll be sure to check yours out too!

Florence said...

stumbled across your blog
it's cute, I followed you!

nice lense

visit me!

just Jennifer :3 said...

wooww beautiful color <33
stumbled across your blog as well xD soo cuteeee :3 follower for sure xD


Emy said...

OMG Jessica the bambi lens look SO CUTE ON YOU!


Jessica-Marie said...

Great review! I'm getting my first circle lens, and this was really helpful :) They look so lovely <3

Please comment/follow my blog
& I'll definitely return the favor :)


Tiffany said...

They look so pretty on you! The colour is super cute!
Haha I take pictures in the car too x)

I'm a new follower, but your blog is adorable!

MoodiBunni said...

Florence: thank you ^o^ I’ll be sure to check you out too!

Jennifer: Thank you =D

Emy: haha you look just as awesome with lens!

Jessica-Marie: I’m glad the review helped ^3^ and you have similar name as me! My middle name is Marie =D ~and I’ll check out your blog too =]

Tiffany: thanks ^3^ I lovee to camwhore in the car~the drive usually just thinks I’m crazy ^^” Thank you for following♥

Florence said...

omg sooo kawai
i want

Thanks for your comment, haha
great post!

check out my newest post, i just updated


Carina G. said...

can't wait for us to see you wear this. :) it will surely look good on you! :)

im following you now! :) hope you could visit my blog and follow back? :) i would be very grateful! :) thanks very much! looking forward to your posts!


MoodiBunni said...

^thanks~I did wear it though XD or are you talking about the pink and blue lens? Thank you for following =] I'll check out your blog and follow you back!

Jace said...

Hi~~ Cutie~

Are you a mix?
You look like korean~~

Jessica-Marie said...

Hehe thanks for reminding me of being my 100th follower -- I mentioned you in my post for my giveaway :)

Please check out my cute Forever21 tools & accessories giveaway! -- It's my first one :)


cominica-ai said...

whooaaa it looks so big!!! U LOOK SO CUTE !!! :D

the-serenity22 said...

Hello dear

Come and Join the Giveaway Contest



MoodiBunni said...

Jace: Hello~I’m not mixed ^3^” I’m actually Taiwanese =]

Jessica-Marie: Cool ^^ I’ll check it out!

cominica-ai: thank yoo♥ it is really big! Today I just realized that it’s bigger then the Bambi lens!

Serenity: thanks for letting me know =D I’ll join!

Florence said...

thanks for your sweet comment on my last post :D
these are great! i sooo want them! <3 <3

Check out my new post if you have time :)

Love MyAinun said...

can i use your pic for my lens store! i'll put ur credit over the pic and URL in the description. only 1 pic okie?

i am so jealous that you look sooooo good with the lens. i look so weird with it. :(

owh. i'll put the photo here: http://on.fb.me/LMAreadystock

MoodiBunni said...

^sure ^^ thank you for asking~

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

I thought I'd already posted a comment, but I'm absent-minded/ Must've forgot to. xD

Anyway-- GORGEOUS. I really like this lens design, and the violet is very pretty on you! (You also carry the lens size well~.)

S'too bad they're not lighter, but I do like the subtlety, too.

MoodiBunni said...

Noxin: Thank you =] I really love them! I'm just glad that I can still tell its purple ^o^

Minnie Pham said...

Wow they looks so pretty on you *___* give you so dolly look ^___^