Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nail Polish: Lots of Shatter & Crackle + MORE

As promised, I'm here today with some nail polish swatches and my opinion. I've collected these one after another when they came out but I've never really did a review or showed them off. Here in my collection I have almost the whole collection of OPI Shatter and I have all of the China Glaze Crackles. I also bought a crackle polish from another brand called LaRosa and it's only around $3 dollars! Aside from that, I have some of the older Sally Hansen polishes.

First off I will show the base colors that I will be using to layer the shatter/crackle polishes over. Enjoy!

Etude Purple isn't used later on~~

I ♥ glittery nail polish or those with shine as you can see! The hard candy green polish, teenage dream, and the Santee emerald polish are all gorgeous! Sadly glitter nail polishes often need lots of layering in order for it to show.

As for the bottom photo, the OPI Black Satin isn't exactly black, it's more of a dark gray polish. The etude purple is pretty but I seriously don't know the name of it since I got it as a gift from my uncle. The Sally Hansen Ring My Shell isn't showing up that well on my camera but it's basically a very light lavender color, similar to the color found in shells~very pretty♥ The Nicole No Limits Matte doesn't look Matte when painted on the false nail but it truly is a deep navy blue matte polish when worn. I personally don't really like Matte nail polishes and I bought this on accident, but it looks pretty to me when I add a top coat.

Now for the Special polishes~~Including Shatters, Crackles, and Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure:

OPI Black Shatter on top of China Glaze Mega Bite

OPI Black Shatter over Teenage Dream

Out of all the photos, only the black shatter is modeled on my own nails~ The reason for this is because my Black Shatter dried out quite badly =[ This is my complaint on OPI Shatter polishes. I love the design but it dries out sooo fast!! Also it becomes quite clumpy after few uses =/ If only the formula was better but, I would still buy it just because I love it~~The only Shatter I'm missing is the Red one, but I really don't like the look of red shatter so I don't think I will be purchasing that ^3^"~

    The China Glaze Crackle polishes are just as nice as the Shatter. Sometimes I can't tell which pattern is which but the first time I tried both, I actually liked the design of the Shatter better. Now that I look at the swatches, I don't think Crackle is that bad..it's actually kind of nice to me ^o^ ♥  I guess it really depends on preference and also lots of practice using these polishes. It's really easy to mess up by putting too much.

Remember when applying shatter or crackle, DO NOT apply the polish over the same place and make sure your polish is dry. If you don't, it will most likely end up a random nasty blob or it won't crack properly. Also these polishes are quite matte unless you add a top coat (It looks nicer with top coat in my opinion).

Lastly is the LaRosa Crackle/Shatter in Hot Yellow and the Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. My friend said this was cheaper with similar effect so I decided to try it. It was only around $3-4 so I had nothing to lose. Sadly, I don't like the color I got. The bright yellow color looks scary on my tan skin. Also the design doesn't look as nice to me. I'm not sure if it's the color that's effecting my decision but it's always worth a try for other colors if you don't want to splurge for crackle or shatter polishes. As for the Hidden Treasure, it took me FOREVER to find it!! It's like $17 dollars on Ebay and so overpriced!! I found out about it a while after it was released so I wasn't able to find it anywhere. That was when I saw that Ebay had a seller that was selling 3 polishes for around $17 and I saw the hidden treasure hidden in that photograph. I was so happy and lucky to be able to get my hands on it!! It's a very pretty polish that creates a different colored effect on nail polishes. It shows up as a bit of yellow, green and reddish orange..a bit like fish flakes. I like it though, and it looked really nice on dark polish =D so I'm happy~~~

Anyways~Last batch of photos, of the polish themselves:

That's it for today's post~hope these will be of use to you even though there are 10381083 photos of crackle and shatter on the internet. This is just my swatches and take on it =D~~

Also I decided to order from Pinkyparadise.com since they offered cheaper express shipping for lens. I am attending Anime Expo on July 2nd and I needed good red lens FAST. I really wanted Ifairy Candy Soul/Cherry Red but everywhere is sold out T^T so I went with Ifairy Dolly Red. I didn't really trust Pinkyparadise after ordering once and NEVER getting my lenses..I'm guessing it got lost in the mail. Then again, so many people order from them so I decided to give it another chance and this time I was SATISFIED♥♥♥

I ordered using Fedex Express Economy Shipping which would take around 7-10 days and they ship out after 1-3 processing days. I ordered and surprisingly, I actually got my package like 4 days O_o so I was quite shocked~Also I even got a free fringe sticker and cute lens case =D Yay!! These I most likely won't review until Anime Expo so I can truly test it and have tons of photos since I will be cosplaying ^o^~~


Jen said...

Love the teenage dream and the Santee emerald ~ looks so pretty! but glitter polishes are such a pain to remove :(
Glad to hear that your experience with pinkyparadise was much better this time! looking forward to the review on the iFairy Dolly Red lenses ^^~ have fun at the anime expo!

MoodiBunni said...

yeah~I love glitter but it takes me like a minute per finger to remove T^T
I'm glad too ^o^ since so many people had good experience with them!As for the Red lens =D I will post after anime expo along with cosplay pictures ^3^~~

baby.xi said...

Teenage Dream is sooo pretty! I love glitter nailpolishes, but they're such a pain to take off -_-...
But when i apply them on regular nail polish they last so much longer, haha~

Marxie ♔ said...

I like the Teenage Dream and Santee Emerald too. These Crackle/Shatter nail polishes seems to be the "IN" thing nowadays. :))

MoodiBunni said...

baby.xi: Agreed ^3^ the glitter nail polishes seem to never fall off O-O"

Marxie: It is! I think it died down a bit now but before it was around $17 dollars for one bottle online >_< now it's becoming a bit more available =]

eimi.desu said...
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MoodiBunni said...

thank you! I feel like I'm using all my strength just to scrub off all that glitter >_< and sometimes it still doesn't come off! I would be glad to follow you =] thank you for following!