Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dollywink Volume Mascara & K-Palette Volume Mascara Review

Hello!! Even though I said I would update more, I ended up failing. Don't you ever feel that summer vacation sometimes feel even busier then school? I'm being forced to find a job and it's hard~until I do find one, I'm also being forced to attend lessons at my parent's school =__=". I've also been helping my cousin watch her dogs and I think I developed some allergies T^T.

    Anyways, I've been trying to do the Dollywink Volume Mascara for a while now. I've actually already took photos in May of me layering both Long and Volume Mascara together. That was when I realized that I might have layered it in the wrong order so I took new photos. Today I will be posting photos of layering Volume Mascara first and Long Mascara second, as well as the opposite and you can decide which one works better. I will also be reviewing the K-Palette Volume Mascara which I tried long time ago in Taiwan and I couldn't find it in the US for a while. When I finally got my hands on it, I didn't love it as much...then the other day I saw it on Prettyandcute.com and decided to give it another go. Now on to the Reviews!!!

Warning: Expect TONS of photos of an eye.


    If you have read my blog, you might have seen my previous review on Dollywink Long Mascara. It worked quite well for me and I was determined to try the Volume Mascara as well. I had pretty high hopes for this mascara since the first one did quite well but I must say, there are probably better volume mascaras out there.

   This mascara does create volume but too many layers,  it does clump quite badly so carefully use. I'm more interested in mascaras that lengthen since I have super short lashes! The good thing about this mascara is that it can be layered with the long mascara to create the maximum effect. Also just like the Long mascara, it stays very well but is easily taken off with warm water, so no makeup remover is needed.

   I've read in helloemy's blog before that the best effect is done by first putting on the Long mascara and then immediately layering the Volume mascara. I kind of forgot so I did the opposite and took photos, but I eventually tried the correct way? I guess it really depends which order works best for you!  Also it works best when you layer while the the mascara is still wet otherwise it will clump easily.

Below are pictures of the volume mascara worn alone, layered under the long mascara, and layered on top of the long mascara.


the brush is thick with lots of little bristles

No Mascara Eye

Slightly side view after wearing

Taken from under

As you can see, it does add volume


Before application

Before application, very short lashes >_<

After applying

I didn't apply while it was wet @_@ so effect not as nice

side view


Front view after application

under view

Add caption

side view

eyes closed



   This was probably one of my favorite mascaras that I've discovered. The first time I saw this was in Taiwan around 4 years ago and it was pricey but I had this feeling that I should try it. I fell in love with this mascara after the first time I tried it and I loved how it looked. After returning to the US, I couldn't find it anywhere! Even after searching like crazy online, it still wasn't available. I was so sad and had to go back to the typical American mascaras. Then I found it again one day in stores and I bought it immediately!! For some reason I didn't love it as much as I did back then so I never bought it again after it dried out.

   It wasn't until recently I saw it on prettyandcute.com and decided I wanted to give it another try. After comparing this with the Dollywink Volume Mascara, I really do like this one a bit better. This one does give some volume but it also lengthens which is what I really look for in mascaras. Even though mascaras say volume, I really still want some lengthening effect as well. This mascara does it for me ^o^!!

    It also keeps lashes curled quite well and if you wear false eyelashes, this mascara will give it a lift. The only things I'm unsatisfied about it is the fact that it clumps lashes together if you apply too much. It's not that bad since I've met worst but just make sure to be careful when applying. Also make sure to close it tight since this mascara drys easily if your not careful T^T..happened to me~~I wish it didn't dry as easily since while the mascara is wet, the consistency is wonderful!

Now on to the photographs:

the brush very thick =D

the first time I tried it, so different then other pictures..as you can see it does lengthen~

Sorry, this was after it dried out a bit so it clumped a bit

It does add some volume but I'm not sure if its as much as the Dollywink one. It does lengthen and curl well though.

side view

front view

That's all for today~It is up to you guys which one gives a better effect. Because I feel bad about not posting for so long, I will be posting several reviews this week. It's all my photos gathered together =D so look forward! I also really want to do some more contact, foundation, and bb cream reviews but long story made short, I'm breaking out like crazy T^T so my skin isn't in good condition and also I got allergies and my eyes are both itchy and red because I wore defective lens @_@~~I managed to get pictures of those lens though so I'll go into more detail when I post the lens review. DO NOT WEAR DEFECTIVE LENS LIKE ME T^T!! It kills~~~~~~

Oh yeah~I got more items from pretty&cute~~^o^ happy about it! Here's a photo of the items with my Rilakkuma<3 They even gave a free gift since it was their anniversary event a while back:

Thanks for reading!! I'm really happy that I actually have people reading this blog =D! When people read even if it's not a lot, I feel that whatever I'm writing is worth it. I hope my reviews will be helpful♥ Thanks again ^o^!!


Chococcuro said...

I've been waiting for a review on the Dollywink mascara!! Thank you so much!

That lasting volume mascara lengthens so well! Wow I'm going to try this one too!

MoodiBunni said...

Your welcome ^o^ I think all of them are pretty good even though I prefer one over the other =D but you definitely should give them all a try to see what works best for you ♥