Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Geo Sakura Pink Circle Lens Review

Yay!! I finally finished school! It really was a week of torture though T^T! I got sick right before finals and then during that whole week, I barely got any sleep and just had a bunch of cough/ dizzy attacks. At least I'm done with all the testing ^o^♥ The only sad thing is after packing and moving out of dorms, I have to unpack everything =__=...and I'm still coughing to the point of no return. Other then that~I've accumulated some photos for a review =D!! Finally right??

Today my review will be on Geo Sakura Pink Lens♥

I actually bought the wrong lens. I was hoping to get something like the EOS jewel lens in pink but since the title of these lens were misleading, I bought them. On they were listed as Sugar Pink or Sugar Candy Pink..something like that ^^". After seeing the lens and researching on it, I found out it was the Sakura Lens by Geo.


 So these lens look pretty big and they are! They have a diameter of 15 mm and water content of 38%.
I was a bit shocked when I saw the ring was brown because the jewel lens by EOS look soo similar to these lens, except that the ring is black.

The lens I remember being quite comfortable but I usually don't have much problems with lens from Geo. The thing that made me unhappy was how the lens turned out on me. I'm not sure how they look on others, but on me it looks a bit scary. It's not the size~in fact the lens actually looks pretty proportional to my eye. I think it's just the color itself. The pink isn't very bright..I would say it looks a bit brownish purpleish and pink together? The color is didn't look that bad but I think it wasn't very flattering on my eye. I think the problem might have been the brown ring?? These lens made me look like a pink eyed rabbit or like a vampire...or like I haven't slept. It made my eyes look sooo tired and I just didn't like the effect. I might give this another try on a day where I get full amount of sleep but for now, I'm a bit disappointed. These are definitely not my favorite pink lens. I would say G&G max pure pink are the best ones so far~and Geo's Super Nudy Pink for those that enjoy a more stand out look.

Please don't be discouraged since not every lens look the same on everyone. I tend to have a problem where certain brown lens make me look really dead, tired, and dull while on others it looks brilliant! I'm just giving my opinion. As for photos of these pink lens, they actually don't look as bad in photos compared to real life o.o"!


Comfort: 7/10 The comfort level is quite okai, not bad but not the best~
Enlargement: 10/10 It definitely enlarges and doesn't look alienish even though its 15mm!
Color: 3/10 I don't like the blend of pink with the brown ring. I think the brown ring and the pink gives a tired effect.
Overall:  6/10 I think this is the lowest I ever gave a lens based on personal preference. I don't mind if the lens aren't as enlarging as I like since I enjoy natural lens...but I really can't stand it when the color of the lens make me look um...not good? The main point I buy lenses are to look good ^-^ and I'm sure that's the main reason circle lenses are bought right?


More dark orange lighting?

Bathroom Lighting
Taken with flash
natural lighting

Taken with flash

Natural Lighting

Bathroom lighting XD

 As for that day~I went to the mall and got really pretty cakes from Paris Baguette♥...I also got new earrings recently that reminds me of those porcelain designs on teacups~love it♥

took a picture of my outfit in the dressing room ^o^

the box with cake

Chocolate Tiramisu

Cappuccino Tiramisu♥

my lovely teacup design like earrings ♥

Last of all~I entered a contest for Pretty & Cute so feel free to check out their fan page on facebook and you can enter yourself too! -->Pretty & Cute Fan Page<--
If you feel nice~click on the fan page link and "like"...then--> click on my entry <--and vote for me by clicking "like"~I would greatly appreciate your vote ^o^ ♥ ♥ ♥

This is my entry photo with the lip tint by Lioele, which I will be reviewing soon ^3^


Thank you everyone for reading ♥


Chococcuro said...

Those lenses look really good on you!! I've never thought of getting pink lenses...but you are starting to change my mind hehe

♥ Natalie ♥ said...

I think, the lenses look sooo cute on you! Awesome! (: Maybe I dare say it's only a matter of habit! :D

Marion ♥ said...

The lens look really good on you! <3 And I love those earrings. So kawaii! :O

MikaTiffany said...

love love love <3

MoodiBunni said...

Chococcuro: Thank you >3< It’s always good to try new things, since you won’t know what to expect until you do it! ^o^

Natalie: haha probably~ thank you ^~^!

Marion: I think it’s just the picture, otherwise I think the lens look a bit freaky in real life Q_Q haha but thank you ♥

Mika: chu chu chu ♥

pinkii said...

OMG!!Those cakes are soo tempting and yummy looking!! Nice photos btw^^ I don't see the scariness/deadness.

MoodiBunni said...

yeahhh all the cakes at Paris Baguette looked tempting! *O*!!
It's really freaky to me in real life eyes all around looked pink.

alycie said...

I always thought pink lens was a lil weird, but it doesn't on you, you look so dolly!
and damn, I really want a cake now T T

MoodiBunni said...

Thank you! I think it depends which lens since each one is different. This one is personally not my favorite but there are a lot of great pink lens out there! Go get some cake!! ^o^

Lina Kim ♥ said...

mwaaa..I'll be waiting for your review!

baby.xi said...

I think these lenses aren't really suitable for everyday wear, but more for if you want to achieve a certain look.. like a more cosplayish/dark outfit..

regardless I like them! they're interesting hahaa!

Emy said...

mei nv! I loveeee your eyes tooo cute!


MoodiBunni said...

Lina: I'm delaying so much >_< but I'm going to start posting reviews tomorrow =D I'm just gathering the 10831038 pictures I've taken for them XD

baby.xi: I agree~I wouldn't wear these for everyday ^^" they would fit some vampire like anime character wouldn't they?

Emy: thank youu<3

❤❤❤ said...
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❤❤❤ said...

aww your eyes are so cute, i love them! ♥ you're really pretty! :3 ~

MoodiBunni said...

Thank you ^o^

Her Ugliness said...

I am writing you because I found your photos used for this store:

am currently trying to prove a point that this store is not only selling not authentic GEO lenses, but is also stealing blogger's photos (they claim they got these photos by their customers, but I know they took mine without myknowledge / agreement):

So I thought I might let you know. maybe you don't mind, I know I was very upset when they stole my photos.

MoodiBunni said...

Hello~thanks for letting me know! I haven't been blogging for a long time so I don't notice these things anymore. I definitely did not approve of them using my photos. Thanks for letting me know again!