Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 has came for 18 days!

I have a feeling I'll be posting more this year =D I'm not sure about what but I will! I can't believe I didn't post for New years day =_= but then again I had a lot going on since winter break.

Anyways a quick update since last time, I didn't fail Econ. but still did super bad! Um..It's winter break but I'm going to start school next monday =[~ This Christmas I celebrated at my aunt's house in Lake arrowhead and then after coming back I went to a hotpot party. I don't remember much stuff after that but I kind of became really anime freakish and stayed home most of the time! I'm also extremely obsessed with Rilakkumas at round 1 because I can't find it anywhere online! So I spent sooo much money and finally got two =_=.

These past days I've been just uploading like crazy on facebook all my missing photos. I have also been selling on Ebay =D! I've sold urban decay nail polishes, juicy bag, and victoria secrets bikini! Yay!! Now I need to sell everything else! Maybe I'll post it on the blog?

2011 Goals:

* Get much better grades than last semester.

* Lose weight! My inspiration is:

She is soo pretty and skinny! Of course I can't be as skinny as her but I would hope to get my old weight back =]

* Sleep earlier! Sleeping late is a very crucial factor in how much you age!

* Find a job and sell off all the stuff that I haven't sold yet.

* Figure out majority of my problems ^^

~That's all I can think of for now!

Oh! I wear circle lenses a lot since 4 years ago but I have NEVER reviewed any of my lenses! Because I feel that I should contribute to others, I will review some of my lenses tomorrow since I got new ones today! SO HAPPY!

Now..for picture spam:

My Lenses came!

The Rilakkumas I got =D

I rode an elephant♥

and blogger takes forever to upload so that's it for now >_<! Look for a review soon~if I'm not lazy tomorrow =D


MikaTiffany said...

Ah, do circle lens reviewww <3 ehehehe i was gonna get EOS flower ones soon :]
anyways, how do I follow you?
I can't ahhh lalala bye :)

MoodiBunni said...

ohhh your going to look really pretty in lenses *O*!!! I'm not sure..is it that button on top?