Friday, January 21, 2011

G&G Max Pure Pink Review & other stuff &hearts

Yay! I got a chance to wear my pink lenses today since I was going out with Gillian & Vannie~We all wore our new lenses and I loveee each and every one of our lenses!

So here is what I think about the Pink lenses:


I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Out of all the lenses I bought this time, I &hearts these the most! They are natural and not shocking pink. I'm sure if I bought the Candy Jewel Pink I would look souless and anime like. This pink is more like a violet,grey, and sometimes brownish color. I can still see the bit of dark pink but it isn't obvious. STILL..I LOVE IT!!! It's really pretty & the moment I wore them...I was in love&hearts!

These lenses are also quite comfortable~I always have one eye that is kind of dry so I can't really avoid it. That one eye was uncomfortable for the first 2 minute...well not uncomfortable but I had a feeling of a lens in my eye. After that I was perfectly fine and I didn't even have to use the eye drops for the entire day! I wore them for 7-8 hours straight and was fine =].


Appearance: 8/10 It wasn't BRIGHT but I liked it&hearts
Enlargement: 8/10 It enlarged but not crazily~the enlargement was quite nice&hearts
Comfort: 10/10 I didn't have to use eye drops!!
OVERALL: 10/10 &hearts&hearts&hearts It's just sooo pretty!!!




Okai! So now I talk about my day =D!

Well I went over to Van's house and ate ice cream while we waited for Gill to get ready and then we all went shopping for Kelly's present. Today we did a lot of camwhoring&hearts mainly after getting a drink at half and half..then we did even more at Gillian's house *O*! So the main point of this short paragraph was because I want to spam whoever reads this with photos =D now...ENJOY&hearts


The Caramel Ice Milk with Pudding and Honey Boba


Um..I finished most of the drink within less than 5 minutes =_="


Van's Little sister~Cute!


My Pink Bunny hairtie~


My lashes for today~~


My Lovely friends&hearts


^I am in Rilakkuma lala world &hearts and being smothered by them XD


AND That was the end of my day &hearts!! Sorry for the sharing =D

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MikaTiffany said...

thank you for your review <3
it looks so natural i love it <333
beautiful as ALWAYS!