Sunday, October 17, 2010


This week has been SO LONG!!! Oh by the way, I've gotten a new laptop! Yay♥ I really wanted a coconut white sony but instead it's some wierd silver color that people call white =3=~~but it's alright, I'm coming to love my laptop more and more!

So~back to the topic of why my week is so long...well Wednesday I went out with my suite mates or at least most of them to Yard House in Downtown Long beach to celebrate Kei's 21st Birthday early. That day felt like friday!! It was quite fun though♥ I'll post a picture of us at the end of this post =D!

Anyways, at the beginning of this week =[ I got an F on my philosophy essay exam and it was devastating to me T^T~..then I went to office hours on Thursday and I'm sooo glad I went! My professor moved the deadline for our essay due that day to friday and it helped me a lot! Sadly in the end I still took forever to finish that god damn essay! I barely slept on Thursday and on Friday I had a TSA bbq party. That was fun too~not really in the beginning because I'm too scared to go get food =_= and me and Katherine just stood there. I felt bad for her because she doesn't understand mandarin and she found it EXTRA BORING. I really enjoyed the games!! I met a few people and overall I liked it~the consequence of staying so long though was my rush to finish the essay =[...I barely finished like 9 minutes before and the last part was a little BS!

So as you might be able to tell, I'm trying to write this post faster since I'm tired. After writing that essay I was on to having a jelly bean party in my room. Before all the people came, me and my suite mates were introduced to Andrew. He's gay and I think he's awesome! Seriously, I love his lady gaga dances and how flexible he is that it's his bones were sticking out when he moved his arms..and he has elastic it's a rubberband!!! But anyways, aside from that we had 11 people total in my room and the next day my room was HORRIFYING. Popcorn and spilled drinks everywhere but I had fun~ My suite mate Allison was like messed up and my leg HURTS LIKE HELL from Alice sleeping on it for 40 minutes while I put my leg straight. I am SO SORE today and dying of tiredness. I felt like last night was a counceling session between me and few other people. The only person who stayed over was this guy I met named Gin. He's pretty nice~His life is kind of messed up but I think person wise, he's quite nice. I drove him and Kei at like 5 something in the morning to 24 hour pho place and it was torturing. I could not eat..and they looked sick. I was soooo tired I was trembling and I didn't even drink!! But yeah.. I finally slept at 7 something and woke up again at 10:50. Then I got ready, ate, and cleaned a little ad was on my way to Wilson's house. I think all I did today was sleep at his house. He watched a movie while I fell asleep and then we went to eat Korean bbq because he didn't eat lunch and I like refused to wake up until like 5 XD...then after korean bbq and yogurt, I ended up falling alseep for like 2-3 hours while he watched another movie. While I was sleeping his stupid kitty cat like kept touching my hair and my head with his paws =___= I was SO ANNOYED. BUT yea..that's my long week of tiredsomeness. Catch up again when I'm not so tired. I need sleep..PERIOD.