Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Turning Into a SKIN FREAK! (Apple Cider Vinegar)

I WANT GOOD SKIN BADLY!! That is why I have finally decided to try the Apple Cider Vinegar Drink! I have been thinking about it since last semester but I was too scared since the smell scared the crap out of me!

Then during this winter break, me and Juney kept talking about it! One day at her house after hours of attempting to play Howl's Moving Castle theme song, we gathered up the courage and made ourselves a drink.


We were eating truffles after each huge gulp, which defeats the health purposes but the truffle made everything that was about to come up go right back down!

Anyways,so Juney continuously tried this for a week and saw good results. Her small pimples disappeared and her skin was quite clear! She forced her boyfriend to try it and he is SUPER HARDCORE! He actually took it in a spoon instead of a glass of water! Just imagine, I almost threw up from having 2 TBS in a mug of water. He took 2TBS with maybe 1 TBS of water...CRAZY!!

So now it is my turn since I finally have access to my AVC after school started. Juney recommended honey with it so the taste wouldn't be as bad. I wanted to be healthy and use honey as a mask too so I went out and searched for RAW honey. It is very hard because a lot of brands sell fake honey. Well, not exactly fake but they lie about Grade A, organic, RAW, and what ever else you could say about Honey. That is why I based it off the color of the honey when I bought it, since I heard the darker the better! But yes, the honey did help the drink tremendously!

If anyone is interested in the recipe:

2-4 TBS of Apple Cider Vinegar w/ mother (depending how hardcore you are)
1-2 TBS of Raw Honey (this is basically unfiltered, unprocessed, straight from hive)

and a cup of around coffee mug size or whatever you are comfortable with!

I would recommend heating the water for 50-60 seconds and then adding the honey. That way it will blend much better! After all that, lastly add the ACV and stir it up. Then enjoy your healthy not so nasty anymore drink &hearts


Next, another use of this ACV is directly on your skin! I'm starting to drink this and use it as a toner. It has said to fade acne scars and improve your skin's condition in general.

It is recommended to use 1/2 water & 1/2 AVC because using just AVC alone might be too harsh for sensitive skin. Like I used a bit on a q-tip and it BURNED. That is why using water to dilute would be better and not as painful. After a while if your skin gets use to the toner, then you can try using AVC alone.

Here is what mine looks like...except I added a bit more water so it looks lighter:

Well since I have only been trying it for 3 days I can't exactly tell if its working but I'll be sure to update again after a while~For now all I can do is exfoliate and use nose masks =D

Here is some freaky nose masks pictures @_@"

Yup wacko faces with no makeup XD~hopefully the AVC will work wonders for me as it is known as the WONDER DRUG

and I also need to find some cure for dark circles =[


Mike Ngo said...

do you mind if i ask something? i just curious does ACV really can cure acne scars??

MoodiBunni said...

Personally, I can't confirm that it can cure it completely, but I know that it does fade the scars quite well. Basically it pushes the dead skin tissues and balances the ph of your skin. Many online have said that their scarring and redness have indeed faded and only got better.
I don't have many scars but when I do get them, they eventually fade or disappear so I would say to give ACV a try =] hope that helps~any other questions feel free to ask!

Mike Ngo said...

thank for the fast reply.i will give it a try are really friendly u mind if we become friend? because i will have a lot of question need ask your opinion about face care and also how to make face look fairer.

MoodiBunni said...

haha sure~feel free to add me on facebook =] I'm not extremely good with skincare but I'll try my best to answer any questions ^o^

Mike Ngo said...

thank but i already quit you play msn messanger or skype?

Mike Ngo said...

my msn is

MoodiBunni said...

mine is just rarely go on chats ^^"

Mike Ngo said...

i already added you in my msn..i from malaysia..

MoodiBunni said...

I added you too =]