Friday, February 25, 2011

My Valentine's & Review~

It has been around 2 weeks since Valentine's but this is my late post as always =D!
First off, I was able to take photos with Rilakkuma at the party at Japan LA, and I got free stuff!! My boyfriend was a bit freaked out though since he's not use to seeing lolita style ^3^~

Here are some photo overload of the weekend, including the party..Rilakkuma stuff I bought and got for free..some camwhores...and of course my Valentine's Day truffles I made myself for my boyfriend ♥

NEXT ♥ I will give my promised reviews of the Nars Blush, Lip gloss, and Make Up Forever Mist & Fix!


The past few weeks I have been trying out this blush and so far it has done a wonderful job of making me look more healthy and less dead. I love the peachy tones and it is a bit glittery which is fine with long as it doesn't go all over my face and make me look dirty.

I would say the color of this blush is able to build upon if you use a little at a time. For some reason every blush I use does not show up in photographs! When you scroll down later you will notice my blush but it doesn't look very strong. DON'T BE DECEIVED. I had to slather on a bunch of blush just for it to show up on camera!! Anyways a bit off topic, but yes, the blush has a nice color and just don't use too much! I also really like that it stays on my face and doesn't complete fade~~

MY RATING: 8/10 (I have not yet found the ultimate blush I love but this one does a great job in keeping me satisfied)


I just want to say I like this lip gloss. Just like the blush it is peachy gold toned and it might seem a bit sticky but it glides on the lips just fine! The downside is I have to wear lipstick or I look a bit dead. That just might be me though because I'm use to wearing lipsticks. Personally I don't think the price is worth it but it is pretty to have. The staying power like most lip glosses isn't very long~All it takes for it to come off is running to class and gulping a bunch of water down and most of it has been rubbed off. It isn't the lip gloss's's just that almost every lip gloss is like that.

The photos of me wearing this lip gloss will be down there along with the Orgasm blush. (It's basically the same photo) I wear this lip gloss over Chanel's Rouge Allure Boudoir~A very pretty hot pink shade and it becomes more toned down with the peachy color of Orgasm.

My Rating: 7/10 (Very flattering and left me satisfied as well but I just don't understand the hype of Nars..and it's pricey..but I like it ♥)


My makeup always comes off. ALWAYS. I hate having to touch up so often because my skin is extremely oily at times even if it is combination skin. I feel that powder makes me look more clean and not so I have been looking for a solution.

I have tried oil control primers, creams, etc but I haven't found them to work very well. Then I read a bunch of wonderful reviews about Mix & Fix and decided to buy a small bottle and give it a try!

I LOVE IT. It works quite well because usually after one class..just ONE class, I am oily already and need to powder. This spray leaves me looking non oily and keeps my makeup on for a great amount of time. If I touch my face though, I will think it feels a bit oily but once I stare in the mirror, I can't tell at all!
That is why I think this is wonderful~~~Especially for those days where I have class from morning till late afternoon~

The cons is that the spray is hard to distribute it evenly over the face and sometimes I feel like a bunch of liquid just got thrown at me. After it dries though I feel ok and then just to be safe I pat my face with loose powder to set the spray. Also this makeup fix spray probably won't keep my skin perfect for hours but it does greatly reduce my oiliness. It would probably work really well for someone with skin not as oily as mine. Overall though, I really enjoyed this bottle and I will for sure purchase a new one after this runs out. I can have one less worry about my face now =]

MY RATING: 9/10 ♥ ♥ ♥

Scroll down for photos of me wearing Nars Orgasm blush & Lip gloss~I'm not sure which photo is easier to see the color but um..enjoy? ^3^


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