Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Packages how I love you♥

So Long Story short~My boyfriend wanted to get me something I wanted for Valentine's Day and I want a surprise but NoOoOo~~so he ended up paying for one of the things I ordered online since Free shipping on orders over $100! I ordered on Saturday and the seller shipped it on Monday so I was really happy that I received it today!!!

Anyways I'm totally going to go broke because I'm about to order more circle lenses with my lovely friends since we all have this addiction going on!

So here are the items I ordered, and they are all winter items even though it is spring?? But, I can't help it T^T!! Everything was just sooo extremely Kawaii♥♥♥ so I must have it and save it for winter =D~~Simple as that!

This was the lovely brown set my boyfriend got for me ^_^!! Too bad it's not surprising since I ordered it and he just paid for this set =___="...maybe I should make him wrap it up and give it to me on Valentine's Day just so I feel like I received a gift....

AISH. I just want to say I LOVE even though the brown looks better I NEEDED to get this set. I think there is something about me purchasing the same EXACT item...except in different colors ^_^..hee♥

MORE PINK!! This is a winter sweater also by Liz Lisa♥ I was planning to wear this on Saturday to the Rilakkuma Valentine's Party but then I'm sure there are a lot of other girls that are into Japanese fashion and probably have this sadly I'll have to find something more unique to wear T^T~otherwise I love the quality and the pretty bows ♥

As for my previous hauls~I haven't had time to exactly try them on or try the makeup items for a long period of time.The stuff I have tried was the Nars Lip gloss, the blush, and Make Up Forever Mist & Fix. I will review my haul further after a more long term use =]

One of these days~I'll be sure to take a clear photo and show the effects. For now, I do love the blush! It can be a little bit too much for my taste at times since sometimes I put too much on at once. Otherwise the blush is pretty and flattering to even my tanned skin! The lip gloss was pretty but it's quite expensive ^^"~~

Something I do love though is etude brand lip gloss and blush! I have been using them for a while and it's pretty and pink!! The light pink blush and gloss both give off a cutesy look when applied♥

I use Strawberry Milk Peach Water Gloss & Moonlight Shimmer Pink Blush♥

Oh yeah~the only sweater I managed to snap a photo in was my Bunny sweater without the hood♥ I also want to share the new leopard bag I got^_^ I ♥ it!! Very big and soft and useful!

I love how big it is~and it doesn't get dirty easy!!

The Bunny sweater I snapped while on the way to eat Korean BBQ~

Lastly~Just because I'm already posting a bunch of photos~ here are my most recent natural eyelash purchase ♥



Sorry for the Long Post! ^3^


pinkii said...

WOW. You're shopping like crazyyy. You use the money you earned from working? And OMG THE PUPPY IS SO CUUUUUUUTE.

Amy said...

awww the puppy is too cute ^^

EpicuriousTravels said...

Jessica, you're too cute! And so is everything you bought. :D It seems like you're always shopping and I'm always eating!

Joey said...

What a great haul! I absolutely adore Liz Lisa and would stare longingly at pictures of their goods.

That puppy is adorable!

MoodiBunni said...

Pinkii: haha no I didn't work T^T~I got money off ebay and then spend it all =3="

Amy: Yes it is >3< I <3 her!

Jen: haha I think I'm a shopaholic =[

Joey: Me too!!! I think this is the first time I ever bought Liz Lisa items and their quality is really good so I think it's quite worth it =D!

Jasmine said...

Aww the sets are lovely~ Where did you get them? :D

MoodiBunni said...

facebook shop Mina Kekoya ^_^

sugarbunny said...

Hey, are the liz lisa items REAL? Just curious here, I'm thinking of purchasing some of Mina Kekoya's items too.

MoodiBunni said...

I believe so ^o^~so far all the items I've bought from them are mostly from liz lisa and they all are of good quality =D

Candy-floss said...

Woh! So sweet!!!
Do you know where I could buy this sweat? *_* So lovely!
Have a nice day~


Heyyy, I was wondering where I could get this winter sweater too! It's so pretty!! ^_^