Sunday, March 20, 2011

Japan Earthquake and Earthquake prediction

I am quite sure that everyone has heard about the news of Japan's earthquake and huge tsunami. During that time I happened to be on yahoo when I saw a small breaking news sign and right away, I contacted my godparents who live in Japan to see if they are alright. I am very lucky that they are alright and my parents that were in Taiwan were not effected either.

As for many others, there have been many unlucky cases. My room mate's cousin was gone for a while but she eventually returned but the owner of the restaurant where my room mate works, wasn't so lucky. The owner's parents were missing and after giving the description of them, about an hour later, she received a call that both her parents were confirmed dead. Japan is really unfortunate during this time especially with the earthquake, tsunami, and tons of nuclear explosions that leaked radiation. Not only that, there was a volcanic eruption before the earthquake I believe. I hope that they receive as much aid as possible and I am trying to donate as well as supporting them from my school.

For those that love shopping like me, there are many places planning to donate certain percentage of their profit to Japan so look out for those items. =D
If you would just like to donate directly, you can easily go to and look for the "donate to Japan" sign and click on it. Help out as much as you can because I'm sure when we are in a disaster, we would want others to help as well.

Now..for a warning. I was on facebook and saw a status post by my friend. He posted about a prediction of a big earthquake in the United States, and specifically California. The prediction date is anywhere from 19th-26th of this month because those days have the highest risk. Even if you don't believe it, I believe it is better to be safe and feel foolish rather than not being prepared and facing lost and sorrow.

Here is a video of the prediction by Geologist and the patterns and signs:

Good luck to everyone and be careful♥