Sunday, February 6, 2011


I haven't updated for a while but this little break was much shorter than my previous breaks =D!

Last week was just really crazy with my school work and week of welcome! I helped out to pass out fliers and other things for my club and it was a miracle how I managed to pass my quizzes and speeches and other stuff with how much procrastination I have been doing!

I also got all the stuff I ordered which is just wonderful =D! The hat and all the shirts I ordered were wonderful quality and the makeup wasn't bad. If I have more time I'll review it but, I haven't used them long enough to tell how good they are.

Besides all that, last week I got SCAMMED!!!! T^T IT WAS SO WALLETBREAKING!!! I was trying to be nice because I felt sorry for the bastard but what did he do??? HE TOOK MY MONEY FOR A STUPID COMPANY CALLED MTS CIRCULATION LLC >=O!!! He was like on drugs too apparently because of how much he was shaking! He even tried to make me and my suite mates feel guilty because he supposedly needed only "3 more" subscriptions. What was really stupid of me was that I couldn't see all the obvious signs of scamming even though they were like in my face! Also that stupid subscription of cosmo magazine was like $50 something for 2 years!! It's a rip off and I will never receive those subscriptions TT^TT!!! I also found it really dumb that this has been happening for the past few days and the school didn't report it!! They didn't send a freaken e-mail at all until me and my friend went and told them about our case. If they have emailed earlier, I'm positive less people would've been scammed...including me.

Well, what's been done has been done~ I can't really do anything about it but at least I know I became more aware. Next time someone comes up to me before they get the sentence out, I will say, "NO. NOT INTERESTED." If they say, "I want to go to Italy..." My friend and I will tell them to screw it and go to an Italian Restaurant and play pretend =__=!!! I feel a bit better after ranting about this problem to like every person I see ^_^ and also I went home and cried to my parents and then told my aunt and I got money =D! Still, that $50 something will never come back to me and I could have bought this Liz Lisa shirt I wanted!

Anyways, enough of ranting~here are some photos:

The sephora haul ♥ with lots of samples!

The Nars Fashion Icon set~Everything Orgasm =D

Kei went and got me my Seventeen magazine from Mitsuwa and it came with these cute One piece sockies!! I remember always seeing this character at Family Mart ^3^

My three Bunny sweaters~I wish the white and gray sweater was a bit longer~then it would be perfect >_< as for the other one~I loveee it!

By the way~I also hanged out with my friend Mika ♥ and we camwhored a lot on webcam o_O"

My everyday Vinegar with my Rilakkuma coaster ^3^

Last of all...The Week Of Welcome~Me in Action!! These were taken by Jay, our club photographer...and I realized my face is really ROUND T^T Also the tank top shirt the president threw over my hoodie made me look quite Round too =__=...*sigh* If only I had a mirror to look at then...

Okie~that was a bunch of photos~at least I didn't make them large ^^..if you want to see large just click on it..I think that should work???

That should conclude this post~I will go try my best and finish up my readings...try to lose some weight and keep a weight loss journal hopefully...

I hope I can keep No Procrastination Modes On and find a job before my parents come back from Taiwan in a month >_< Also I will enjoy my end of the week with Welcome Party, Valentine's Day weekend and if you happen to go to Cal State Long Beach~~ I will be at Brotman Hall on February 14th to give FREE HUGS with the TSA club =D and it is from 11 am-2 pm although I'll probably leave by 2 ^_^"

Bye Bye♥


MikaTiffany said...


MoodiBunni said...

haha come to brotman hall then ^_^ I will be there to give you a BIG hug! XD

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me today. I feel so stupid. They kept talking fast and said I could cancel. I asked for my TWO checks back and they refused. I called the bank and reported them stolen. I hope you were able to get your money back. :)

MoodiBunni said...

That's horrible! Sadly for me, I gave cash =[ so there's not getting it back for me. They even called me 2-3 months ago saying i'll get my magazine in 6-8 weeks but I'm guessing that's a lie.