Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Go Awayyyy~~~~

(I think that kind of resembles me indirectly)

Yes go away sunshine =3=..I'm in the mood for cold, dark, rainy weather!!! Actually it is cold, but everything is just not complete when there is sun shining on me while I'm attempting to do my practice essay exam.

Right now my mood is very annoyed at everyone and everything. Actually not everyone but a lot of people is getting on my nerves. First off, there is this facebook game we are playing. There is no fucken point in the fucken game if someone goes off and tells the guys what it is exactly about. I should just not read other people's comments but it really annoys me!!! They are commenting things like "oh we understand but blah blah blah" and then they say something like slut. ARGHHHHH!!!! I probably make no sense to many people right now =3=.

I am also fed up with people's emo status on facebook. or two status from the same person is enough. WE all get it!!! You are sad. You are heartbroken. You need love or you will die or something but DUDE. Deal with it and get on with life!!! I understand what it feels like to be emo and stuff because I post statuses too. The thing is when you post so many god damn statuses with all the same meaning, it sounds like you just want people to pity you. FREAKEN WEAK SUCKER UP. People like that should get a blog and post all their annoyance or sadness like I do!!!

Another thing I'm annoyed of is that when I post a status, people can't just like look at it or passby. I don't mind a comment saying "hope you feel better" or "it's okai everything annoys me too" but instead random strangers that don't even know me and I don't want them to know me well, they just message me. I'm really annoyed of messages you know?? I don't want them. I don't want to tell you what happened in detail. You might care but dude..IT'S NONE OF YOUR FREAKEN BUSINESS =] If I wanted to tell you what happen, I would most likely post in detail on my status or I will message you myself. (most likely will never happen) But yes...those people seriously just add oil to my already burning wild fire.

Last of all, I am always always ALWAYS annoyed of a certain someone. Very obvious who it is because that thing is the subject of my hate posts. I think this only happens when I'm like almost on my period and then I drink coffee that is supposedly going to make PMS much worst, but yes...I drank coffee...and now I feel like the whole world owes me money. I feel germaphobic because the things I hate are infested and dirty. I just hate hearing the laughter of a hateful thing and even more of someone I do like but they are laughing because of that hateful thing. EW.

Ah..I do feel like a very mean person though. Is it sad that I am constantly cursing the hell out of someone in my head?? Is it sad that my selfish hatred will most likely hurt a friend? 我真希望他要的不是她.我希望他月底會把她甩掉然後再回頭去找他的前女友..但是我最希望他決定順便兩個人都不要了...這樣會比較好,因為那兩個人應該可以找到更好的男人. 你知道嗎﹖我真的很期待月底因為我真的很想看我朋友哭得樣子...也許只有她哭了以後﹐所有的問題才會解決. I'm such an 惡毒的女人。。不知道到底是為了朋友還是為了自己的仇恨. Then again, maybe none of that will happen because every time everything goes back to the way it was. Seriously germy, dirty, disgusting, evil jerk...please...GO AWAY.

Hehe. I <3 you blog. I don't update you constantly and I apologize that when I do, it is always for the purpose of throwing my emotional trash into you. One day I will make up for all this and start posting happier thoughts and this blog of mine will change into a happy unicorn lala land. =D Until then~Please put up with me.

P.S: A really great song to hear right now is 2NE1-Go Away~


pinkii said...

People like that should get a blog and post all their annoyance or sadness like I do!!! <---LOOOL

and now I feel like the whole world owes me money"<---HAHAHHAHA...

even though it's a hate post, it still makes me laugh >_> hope you don't mind.

And it's funny how mine is exactly the opposite. Mine is sooo....cheerful? xDD

MoodiBunni said...

hahaha yeah I know XD I think I tend to write in blogs only when I'm mad =3=..i'm improving on posting more often though XD