Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Never Knew...

Angler fish are edible O_O....can you believe that??? That ugly sharped tooth thing is edible o.O!!! I was also trying to find pictures of an Angler fish merging with each other because that is how they will mate?? It's like the praying mantis kind of. The female praying mantis will eat the male during sex so basically the male only has sex once in his whole entire life. Maybe he'll die happy because he'll enjoy something before he dies? As for the male angler...sad. I read this comic on June's blog and I didn't think it was real. Then I researched and yeah..the male stays with the female for the rest of his life until he deteriorates and all that is left is his balls. So..he dies and the only enjoyment he feels is the feeling of the female pheromone. Other then that no sex. He'll disappear or like melt before he gets the feelings in his balls. Unfair isn't it?

Well anyways Angler fish are actually considered delicacy in some places and have similar texture to lobster tail. Here is a picture of a type of Angler fish that is fresh on the market...I wonder if they have to pull out the really long sharp teeth? So we eat them toothless-ish?