Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 14: Your Day, In Great Detail

Today's topic is~ Day 14: Your Day, In Great Detail

Since my day is not over yet and I will be going to my friend's apartment for sleepover, I'll update there if I get access to the internet =D Bye Bye for now~~


So yesterday I was playing family feud because I had 2 episodes on facebook. I lost the first episode and during the second episode June called me. She told me that she and Emily was almost here and that really sucked because I was in the middle of a freaken episode!!! But yeah, I didn't want to make people wait so instead I lost the game. =[

After I got in Emily's car we went off to pick up Tracy and then Big 5 and Kiki's bakery before heading off to Riverside. Our drive was quite long and consisted of lots and lots of chit chat. Tracy amazingly fell asleep. She always does this! During the trip I was also telling ghost stories to scare the hell out of Emily. This made the long drive seem so much shorter~~

We finally arrived at Van's apartment which is shared with Angel and Jenny. It was time to swim! Sadly I couldn't because I had my period but then they somehow persuaded me because I wasn't almost over. So..I didn't have a bathing suit and ended up wearing my bra, giant t-shirt, and van's shorts. It was freezing in the water and it didn't help that my shirt was thick and heavy once it got wet. I could barely swim. Van and I also had contacts and makeup on so we were swimming with our heads above the water. Then Van all of a sudeen got the idea that I should swim without a shirt and just my bra. That was when June and Emily came over towards me and they all started pulling on my shirt. Emily heard the wrong thing and thought I wanted to take my bra off so she reached her perverted hands into my shirt and unbuttoned it! I bet you she just wanted to do that not because she heard wrong!!! >=[ Stupid emily! But continued for a while and they finally stopped thank god! As for Tracy..she looked like a doggie was cute XD! Angel got home and also decided to come into the pool but left really fast. Soon it was too cold to swim so we all got up and went to take a shower before heading out to eat.

After finishing~Angel, Van, June, Tracy, Emily and I all went to Ten Ren for dinner. It was really good O_O and I ate so much that I felt like blowing up. I was scared for my weight since I didn't exercise! Then when we finally finished, we went back to the apartment to start camwhoring and card games. Angel went over to next door to borrow this other girl's camera and we went crazy with it. In the next post I shall show a picture taken from that camera. It was at night so there were mosquitoes and bugs. I couldn't stand it so the moment I saw one land on the floor, I stomped the living day light out of it and instead of appreciating my heroic deed, Emily Phung accused me of murdering and innocent harmless bug. She even bowed to it!!! My gosh..never appreciates anything I do! Well while outside, Emily taught June how to play a game called Ninja. We basically bow to each other and then pose. Each person gets a turn and tries to slap the other person's hand. It was fun but before I actually got to play, I tried it with June and we couldn't do anything further then a pose because we basically fell on the ground laughing. I started crying from laughing so hard!! I believe after that and some fun card games, I went off to take a shower and then returned for the nasty smelling nose mask. It looked like BOOGERS!!!! Seriously!!! It was horrible and Angel was so random and even came towards me and tried to camwhore with me in it because she liked my wierd eye and nose mask. After all that hassle I finally finished everything and then Van painted my nails.

OH MY GOD. The nails were horrible. I love pink don't get me wrong...but my skin color and barbie pink does not match!!! I have a blanket thats hot pink and light pink. My nails ended up looking like that! It was a pattern of light and hot pink plus pink glitter. I looked like nasty barbie hands. But yeah at least after it dried we all played Ninja. I believe I am the champion =D!!! I beated everyone that played me so far♥ how satisfying!

Then after all that I just don't remembered what happened. Everyone went into their own random world and Tracy like died. She just knocked out right there and then and Jenny and Angel went to their room. We all didn't want to sleep so only Van, June, Emily, and I were left. We just started talking...and June and Emily looked like they were going to sleep. Then next thing I knew, Van stole my blanket and stuff and just walked casually into her room and threw it there. It was basically forcing me to go over. That was why I ended up in there and writing a explanation note to Tracy in case she wakes up and finds that I'm gone. We talked soooo long but we whispered. Then out of nowhere June and Emily like wooshes open the door! They came in like around 3 to 4 am in the morning and decided to join our little talk. I don't even understand what we were talking about but it lasted FOREVER. It was dark and then I looked towards the window and the sun was coming up!!! So...we ate some toast and played a game of uno and turtles and then Van decided it's time to knock out. It took a while since June and Emily could not sleep and talked endlessly and so did I. Van ended up smiling and giggling eveyr once in a while. I went out to check on Tracy and it was such a sad sight. In that big empty living room that was once filled with sleeping bags and people...she ended up being the only person and thing in that big empty space. I took a few shots with my camera then decided it was finally time to sleep. This was around 7 ish...and when I finally slept...after a few hours we were all woken up. What a nice sleepover. We barely even slept =3=" but it was fun♥

I guess that was my day..there was too much detail so I put as much as I can without going on forever. I'll post some pictures later with day 15 post =]