Wednesday, October 21, 2009


T^T you know you know???? Today was my statistic exams and I did not study last nite at all! Well I did kind of like i read three-five definitions and thats it =_=". So I did EXTREMELY BAD!!!! I knew I failed but I didn't think it would affect my grade that bad! I got a D on the quiz cuz I suck at probability and it dropped me from 87 to 84...and now guess what??? Can you freaken believe that my grade dropped 10% from a test????? CRAZY!!!
So since i am here, let me tell you about my study session last night. Well, instead of studying I was here posting my post below and my food camwhore pics. Then I finally went into the common room to study with little Kei and we talked about how shes getting old XD! So...we then talked about making music video for the nasty version of Everytime that me, June, and Van formed in 7th grade. (yeah...we mature young =])...and as it goes on...We decided to form a sex education video out of that XD hehehehehhe can't wait! and yeah...then we talked about pubic hair and if ppl shave it or w.e and yeah useless things. That went on from 9:45 to around 12 a.m =_= nice huh??? almost 3 hours of worthlessness! ALSO it was soooo gross...i already forgot if i blogged about this but I was eating cheerios and after I used salt water to rinse my mouth cuz I have to 4 x a day. While i did that, i spit out something that looked like cereal with blood on it. But nooo you know what that was??? My roommate told it was A SCAB....DUN DUN DUNNNN!!! Yeah..I was so grossed out but suprisingly my left side that usually hurts from the wisdom tooth procedure felt more free? EW....yes. That is my current situation I am in.
Aside from bombing my test I am going to celebrate that tonight =_=. Retarded I know...but haha I don't like tests T^T...I also got assigned ANOTHER 8 PAGE ESSAY!This is so screwed up...but I will have to go to borders to buy the book and go find the video because thats what this 8 page essay is about, compare and contrast. By the way..I had a coffee cake and cheese cake with pumpkin ice cream. That tasted hella good *O*!!!!

This is a very random useless post but...I must post and I will complete this by a few vows.

My Vows:

1. I will review my math notes at least every two days.
2. I will do my math homework consistantly so I don't stress at last moment.
3. I will study for my test like a bad women.
4. I will bring up that stupid math grade *_*
5. I will not spend 147 a few days.
6. I think I will just start saving money.
8. I will start to eat less junk food and a smaller portion.
9. I will attempt to exercise when I have the time.
10. I will...I don't know I just wanted to make a 10th one so it looks even XD!