Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A few updates

Ok..I can't keep my promises of updating and posting pix =___=" sorry people!!! Well so far these past few weeks have been soooo busy! I just got my root canal done one week and then the week after that, I was chewing on this cracker after crying from theatre (all the monologue stories were soooo freaken sad!!!) and then next thing I knew...my tooth that I did my canal on cracked and fell off. O_O I was soooo devastated and im like "AHHHH!!!" My roomate stared at me...and I showed her my tooth..yeah. After that I had to drive alllll the way back to monterey park. I didn't want to since I remember last thursday my dentist was like "The doctor that does wisdom tooth comes once a month on a thursday, so you should come back next week to pull them ALL out." Of course I said no because I had enough pain already. But NoOoOooooo!!!! I guess it was fate..I had a bad feeling...and when I got to my house, my mom told me that I was getting all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out!!!! FUCKKKKK!!!!!! So anywayssss, the process was horrible. I was tearing up from the 6 shots. I was so numb I didn't feel anything but pressure...but afterwards my face was swollen and uh....I looked deformed. It was like that for a few days and it barely healed yesterday. I couldn't eat ANYTHING!!! I attempted ice cream sandwhich, but I couldn't even fit it in my mouth because I have stitches on all sides.
Finally my mom cooked me beef porridge and I swallowed it..literally. Then she thought that I had so much blood loss so she made me drink 4-5 bottles of birds nest. Ok...no problem...but heres the deal....When ever I drink birds nest, I ALWAYS ALMOST 99.99999% get my period sometime soon. But she insisted since the beef and birds nest will help me recover my blood loss. So yeah...I ate my infection and pain killing pills...and went to bed cuz I couldn't drive back to long beach for my friday classes. Next day comes and guess what? MY UNDIES ARE FREAKEN BLOODIE!!!! MY PERIOD FREAKEN CAMEEEEE!!! Now that really sucks because your not suppose to eat cold stuff when your on your period but after my wisdom tooth got pulled I can't eat hot stuff cuz it will cause pain and trouble with blood clotting. Yeah...fml.
Well on to other things, oh yeah almost forgot about the cracked tooth. The other dentist came to see me after my 4 teeth were pulled and I couldn't talk so I showed him my teeth. He was like "ohhh present for mee???" =___=" man. They couldn't fix it cuz I need a tooth cover or fake teeth so they just put something on it and the nurse was like "NO! That is black it won't look good" the dentist was like "Its not like shes getting married or something!"...me: =______________= wtf.
but yeah...I eventually got the non-black something.
So today I finally did my personal monologue and messed up. I was shaking that I forgot my lines so I couldn't memorize it word for word like my teacher wanted. ITs okai though, At least I got the whole story done right??? As for tonight, I HAVE TO STUDY for my stats T^T cuz i bombed my stupid quiz on monday since the whole time i was trying to finish the homework! SADDDD but good stuff is I am looking forward to halloween party at kelly's (hopefully everyone goes cuz I NEED FUN IN MY LIFE!!!) and the masquerade is coming up on nov. 5th. HEEEEEE BAD NEWS. I SPENT SOOOO MUCH MONEY T^T!!!! You know how??? First thing was I was bored and I was watching Michelle Phan's makeup tutorial. It was soooo nice and I love her skin<3 then I saw her recommendation on a pimple medicine. So out of impulse because I hate my breakouts and I want that skin...I bought it =_=....30 something gone right there! Then I want to be a nymph, so I saw this wonderful dress because I can't find a good looking nymph costume so I purchased the dress instead. 20 something right there. Next I just liked this other dress so I bought it for no damn reason. 17~~~~~....and my wig....~~~~20...next...god knows what else I bought. I don't even remember anymore X_X!!!! AIIII SO MUCH MONEY SPENT! AND I WANTED TO GO SHOPPING THIS WEEKEND TOO!!! =[ guess no shopping for me.... but then again... I still need my masquerade mask =__= GAH. No comment on my horrible self.
Well I spend money and not just money but A WHOLE LOT OF IT. I really need to make money and to do that I have to open up my blog shop X_X dammit. Well its gonna take a while cuz I have school stuff to do. Butttt if anyone is interested in HAIR REMOVAL DOLL UP FRONT RIGHT NOW. Let me know okai??? I have at least 10 of them in stock so I would like to sell them. hehehehhehee I really need money X_X".

Sorry if this long ass post was boring. I will post some pix up as promised from before and um...I have another story about my dog and the chihuahua (is that how to spell?) that wants to screw my dog..but save it for next time ^^ heheheheeee...

Pix: Determine your own captions =]