Thursday, July 29, 2010

30 Day Challenge~Day 1

So this is the challenge me and Juney decided to start for bloggers. This list was founded somewhere on tumblr so i'm not sure who to give credits to but, Juney edited the list so this one is half credited to her♥

Day 1: A Picture of The City You Were Born In

Well...the city I was born in was totally not the city I grew up in. I was born in Harbor City Hospital and other then that I don't even know what the city looks like. So for this topic instead of putting pictures of Harbor City (I can't even find pictures of it ><") I will provide pictures of the three main places I've spent my life. 1. Taipei, Taiwan (3-4 years of my life)

2. El Segundo, California (about another 4 years)

3. Monterey Park, California

(it's the best picture I can find =3=" but yeah this is an event)

(All pictures were taken from google image.)

So..I shall continue tomorrow with Day 2 and enjoy staring at the very huge pictures!