Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Short Update<3 see...Im suppose to do my homework because I have tons of it due tomorrow >.<> It was all because those stupid monsters at knotts had to follow me everywhere I go! I especially despised that stupid pumpkin! It was like making me look at him and T^T I didn't want to! I hate pumpkins...well those that move and have human shaped bodies.
Yeah..then at the SAME exact place this year, I got the shit scared out of me by this monster. It was a different one than last year but SHIT. It was freaken scary and said it got its scars from claws and he said he was going to give me some scary scars too T^T. Also you know what is soooo sad? NO ONE EVER HELPS ME. I ran around and my b/f just walked around calmly and my friends just stood there laughing...=_= Tracy at least got support...should I cry next time too??? Aiiiiii >.I believe I twisted my ass...but then my roommate corrected me and told me it was my lower back. That was from running -____- ...from monsters...both in the maze...and outside...and there was another monster who said he wanted to eat me and put barbecue sauce. I personally don't think its the right time to eat barbecue bunnis. But yes..that was my day at Knotts.
As for other events, I attended a fashion show that was horrible cuz half my body was in the sun and I was sleepy!!! Then I went to Knotts and guess what?? I had to wake up early cuz I had to attend the fashion show again today =_="..but good thing was I camwhored hell lot in my house and in my car XD I was like a piggy in the car! I was camwhoring with my food and ppl were passing by the car staring at me wierdly..its like a girl in a bright bright dress with overly bling bling on because of the humungous crystal earrings and that shiny crown =_+ and a very obvious sash....and she was eating out of a box and taking *3* face pix with her meat XD

I shall post those pix tomorrow after Im done with my piles of hw which I am not doing =_= cuz im here talking to myself in this word box. MY MAIN POINT FOR THIS POST IS NOT ALL THE ABOVE!!! I just really wanted to share some songs I am SO addicted to for some wierd reason =_="

YOUTUBE THESE VIDEOS OR JUSST FIND THESE SONGS!!! I prefer not to watch the videos cuz some of the songs sound good without visualization.

here is my list:

1. 忘れないよ (wasurenai yo) -Thelma Aoyama
2.ここにいるよ(koko ni iru yo)-Thelma Aoyama ft. Soulja
3.そばにいるね(soba ni iru ne)-Thelma Aoyama

4.(daikkirai demo arigatou)-Thelma Aoyama
5.どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou?) -Dong Bang Shin Ki<3>
6. Bad Boy- Son Dambi

I don't understand why im so addicted and some of these are a little old but <3<3<3 *_* I believe it is the influence of my suite mate who made me hear some of these and plays these all the I cant stop hearing it =_=...As for the last song I found it on someone's blog and ...I like it<3 XD Well enjoyyyyy~~~ I am going to listen to these...oh yeah one more: old but her voice is sooo cuteeee!!

Ai Otsuka-Daisuki da yo

Bye Bye till Im not busy and I WILL post up pix!