Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Bunni's new beginning<3

Since this will be a new beginning for me, I will first off introduce myself before ranting about how horrible my life is =_=".

Moodibunni's Intro:

My name is Jessica Chiu.
My other names:
-珈瑜 Jia Yu
-ひとみ Hitomi
- and now Pikachiu =3="
I am born in CA but my background is from Taiwan.
My birthday is on July 21st and I am now officially 18.
I graduated from Mark Keppel High School not long ago.
I will be attending California State University, Long Beach.

Bunni Likes:

  • Apples & Strawberry anything
  • Bunnies as you can see
  • I love other animals like doggies too
  • Singing at KTV for fun<3
  • ASAMU milk tea or flavored milk tea
  • cute pink girly things
  • accessories & mickey shaped things
  • My puppy Mimi (almost no longer puppy)
  • camwhoring..as in me holding my camera or with my approval
  • Taiwan & Japan
  • asian music<3
  • Anime + manga
  • Sorry..I like too many things so I shall stop ^^"

Bunni Hates:

  • science, math, almost all forms of sports (except swimming, ice skating, or rollerblading)
  • annoying people who don't give up when they should
  • not having money V_V like right now...
  • taking pix when I'm not ready
  • Fakes & Liars
  • going to any place with medical service T^T
  • bugs of all kinds!
  • being forced to do ANYTHING

Bunni's Addictions:

  • Japanese nails ( I can't stop T^T)
  • Eating<3
  • Buying things in general =_="

More about the Bunni....

I am seriously a big time procrasinator and VERY lazy ! ^^"
I don't really know what I should do with my life yet.
I really wish I could live happily without stress from so many issues.
I enjoy attention at times but publicity isn't for me.
I really wish I lived in a fairy tale..I seriously love the big poofy princess dresses *O*
Although I don't look like it, but I am probably the craziest one out of all my friends & the wierdest one.
People are usually happy with me around most of the time.
I myself is usually happy but I do have a horrifying temper when I am unhappy.
I love cute guys with nice hair but even so V_V I am still being loyal to my annoying b/f.

You know..I am really procrasinating right now because I am suppose to pack for my dorm @_@ so instead of me continue writing an endless entry about myself, hang out with me...talk to me...and as time passes, maybe you will get a glimpse of the freaky bunni<3