Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Short Update On Life..and Upcoming Reviews ♥

This post is just because I felt like sharing and because I felt bad for not updating with the reviews I have piling up. School is ending for me in two weeks and everything is hectic T^T and my procrastination is getting worst! I'm re-watching Inuyasha episodes for gods sake =_=...and on a night where I have a 6 page research paper that I haven't started on due the very next day! *sighhh*

Anyways, today I feel like I'm burning. If anyone happens to be my friend on facebook you'll find my numerous "It's hot!!! My room feels like a Sauna!!! I'm melting!!" posts =D! I can't believe it's 90 degrees in the Beach Area O_O!! What's worst is my dorm upstairs is hotter then outside =_= seriously?? WT!!!

So what I wanted to share was a song I found annoying when it first came out because I wasn't use to 4 minute's new style, but after hearing it a billion times, I am now addicted to it ^3^"~~:

Aside from that I just want to show what to expect for future reviews~~I bought like 3-4 hauls already from but I haven't really reviewed everything! I also got a few things from Sephora and

So what to expect:

Dollywink Volume Mascara~I'll try this with my long one together!

Lioele Blooming Pop Lip Tint: I have all 3 colors, Pink, Red, and Orange~~

K Palette 1 Day Volume Mascara

I have natural brown~

Geo Xtra Candy Pink

You guys probably already seen all of these but since I got it a while ago, I plan to finish swatching it !!

shimmer brown♥

NEW COLORS FOR SHATTER!!! I got the white one =D..but I want the Navy and Turquoise too!

My favorite foundation so far♥

I also bought a bunch of extensions and wigs...but I haven't figured how to use them yet...or my hair color is kind of not matching =3="...but for now that's what I have coming up~~As you can see, I shop A LOT O_O..I bought a lot of these within a short period of time T^T~~Anyways, I'll try my best to post up reviews as soon as possible but I most likely won't get to a bunch of them until school is over! Two more weeks~~Just two more weeks *_* ♥♥♥


chenyee123 said...

Wow! These are quite a lot of things
looking forward for you to review them ;'D
anyway i'm just wondering korean guys are cute in a way but they looked like girls...

MoodiBunni said...

Yes~I built up on all my shopping hauls ^^" I will try my best to review them as soon as possible! Haha yeah I think it is popular in Korea and even in Japan where guys have longer hair. Also the guys in Korea tend to be more fair skinned so it just adds to the girliness =D but I still <3 them~

Sarah said...

Makeup forever has some really amazing products, I have never tried their face makeup though. Im curious to see .

❤ Moon ❤ said...

Ohh, nice haul! Can't wait to see the reviews :D

Emy said...

Awww come back soon looking forward to your reviews!

OMG dollywink mascaras work so amazing together!

MoodiBunni said...

Sarah: Agreed♥ They have some of the best waterproof products!! Their face makeup is just as great too ^_^ I'll be sure to review them =D

Moon: ^o^ I'll try to review as soon as possible~~

Emy: haha just one more week till school is over and then I have the whole summer for reviews =P
Yeahh~I saw your review on it!!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Wow, great buys! :D Looking forward to your reviews!! :)

MoodiBunni said...

Thank you ^^