Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Princess Mimi (Bambi Series) Apple Green & Photo Shoot

      I feel like I have so much to post, that I had a hard time deciding today’s topic. In the end I’ve decided that I really would like to share my Princess Mimi (Bambie Series) Apple Green lens with the world…or anyone that reads my blog ^_^!! On my previous Princess Mimi Sesame Grey review, I posted a few photos from the photo shoot I did with one of my best friends. The person who took the photos had to do a retake for his project and so, another lovely photo shoot for me =D!! Last time I wore the Sesame grey, so this time I decided to try out the Apple Green.
First off, I will review the pair of lovely lens that I bought off Eye Candy Lens~~I have been purchasing a lot of lens lately @_@ and I think one of my goals is to collect most of the Princess Mimi series♥!! They are all so GORGEOUS!!!

I must say, when I first tried the Sesame Grey, I was very impressed. This time I was not disappointed as well!! Well at least color, enlargement, and visibility wise. The green color was even prettier then the Geo Angel Greens! It was vibrant and really flattered the eyes, but not so vibrant that I look like my eyes are full of radiated kryptonite =D! Aside from the color, the pattern was BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love how it makes my pupil look like the middle of the sunflower, and gold/yellow patterns on the side creates an awesome sunflower effect! Also the enlargement looked really nice~~I’ve seen some extra large circle lens and it made a lot of people look alienish. With this lens it enlarges of course but for some reason it manages to magically keep eyes from becoming bug like ^o^!!!

Now..on to my disappointment…it was similar to the grey lens in where when I first put them on, I felt them. I didn’t feel uncomfortable on both eyes but I felt it on one side. I tried taking it out and putting it back in couple of times but I still felt it. It’s not painful but I just don’t enjoy feeling the edge of the contact in my eye. I’m unsure if it’s just me or if anyone else has that problem but I’m guessing it’ll get better the more I wear it. Overall, I think this doesn’t matter to me as much since the lens being so extremely gorgeous just makes up for it! If you do want super extremely comfortable lens, then this might not be for you~but if you don’t mind feeling it a bit, the awesome color and look of the lens will make up for it ♥


Comfort: 6.5/10 on one eye~~10/10 on the other (I couldn’t even feel my other eye =_=”..Hopefully the uncomfortable feeling goes away with more wears)
Enlargement: 10/10 LOVELY♥ Awesome enlargement without the nasty bug look
Color: 9/10 because I have seen a brighter lens but I would totally give this 10/10 in my book since I think the amount of green and the level of vibrancy is PERFECT FOR ME!!
Overall: 8.9/10~~I just had to take away a little bit of points because of the uncomfortable feeling on one eye, otherwise I would probably give this a 10/10 if it was completely comfortable since the color is WONDERFUL!! My favorite green lens so far♥ ♥ ♥


lens in the case

closer view of the lens~Sorry it's a little blurry @_@

Full Face~Look at Photo Shoot for more photos of full face

Closer view

Close up detailed view~You can see the sunflower like pattern and beautiful color~


I will share some of the unofficial photographs from the photo shoot since the official ones are taken by a huge camera that isn’t digital~~kind of like those old time ones where you use a huge black cloth to take!
smile smile~~
*Turn* SMILE~~
We love natural lighting♥♥♥
Sisters in heart, mind, and soul~~just not by blood.


Eyes are the windows to the soul~~as my friend said♥


Behind the scenes of me and my mirror♥

Happy Y^_^Y

I love the scenery~

unexpected photo =3=

Lovely day~~

Me keeping the portable dressing room from flying away~~

Well that's all for today~I have lots to update and review on from my huge shopping haul of makeup and my life in general~~but, school has a leash on me currently so I'll try my best ^3^!

P.S: I've been working on this yesterday and today with my suite mate!! I'm not an very artistic person so being able to complete this made me so happy! This is a present for one of our dorm mates ^o^!!

Wooden Box painted with black and gold and floral design~~Very Asian?

Thank You for Reading♥!!!


kim ♥ said...

nice review! I also got my apple greens today, but the color doesn't show up this nice! and the halo also doesn't show up TT_TT

aww those photoshoot pics are soo beautiful! Love the scenery *_*

MoodiBunni said...

Thank yoo<3

I think the lens aren't as vibrant perhaps because of the lighting? I was outside the whole time ^3^ so that could be a factor? o.o" halo? Are you talking about that slightly lighter part? That's probably because my pupils aren't as big ^^"

Sandy ♥ said...

great review ^__^ those lenses look reallly vibrant O.o they really show up on your eyes :) so many people have these lens now :( i need to get my hands on them !!

& great photoshooots :)

MoodiBunni said...

Sandy: haha I'm glad it showed up ^o^! Yeah, these lens are really popular now~~I really want to collect all of them since the colors all look really pretty and the pattern is beautiful♥ You definitely should get them =D

Elisa ♥ said...

you and your friend are so cute =3 nice review ^^ lenses are looking so bright!!

followed you btw :)

Marion ♥ said...

Hi! :3 I've been looking for a review on these lens. And I saw yours. Lucky. I also followed your blog! :) I'm planning to get these. They look super pretty on you ^^

MoodiBunni said...

Elisa: Thank you ^3^!! haha it is pretty vibrant but I think the color is just right =]

Marion: Thank you!!I'm glad I wrote it then ^o^! You should get the lens~they are gorgeous!

Jiawa said...

You both look so cute! The lense looks lovely~

MoodiBunni said...

Thank you ♥♥

Sam Murakami said...

I never wasted a thought on buying the green lenses because I have light blue eyes and I really love my natural color.. BUT these lenses look just so stunning on you that I'm really not sure if I maybe also should buy these xDD But I don't know how the color works on really light eyes u_u"" Thank you for the review! :*

MoodiBunni said...

I think green lenses would look lovely on you! I saw other reviews where one of the blogger had blue eyes as well and she looked beautiful in the Apple Green lenses. Also it blended really well too! You never know until you try =]

vivian~! said...

whats your fav? sesame grey or apple green? haha im having a hard time choosing between the two~^^ or should i get both? ^_^

MoodiBunni said...

Haha that is so difficult >~<! Well green is much more obvious and noticeable compared to wearing grey lens since not much ppl tend to wear green ^~^ or maybe that's just me? I couldn't decide so I ended up getting both lol. I guess it really depends on your preference since they feel the same. The only difference is color =]