Monday, April 11, 2011

My Experience at Royal-T Maid Cafe♥


   I've always wanted to go to a maid cafe especially after reading about them in mangas and hearing about them on television and from my Japanese roomie. Then I found out that there was actually one here in California *O*!!! So, of course how can I possibly pass this by??
     I made plans to go here with two of my best friends during Spring Break and we were so extremely excited! This maid cafe is located in Culver City and not only is it a cafe, it is an exhibit of cool pieces of art and there is even a cute shop with unique items! Feel free to check out their site at

The front of the shop~taken from Royal-T's home website~~

    When I first got there, we walked in through the back door and there were already interesting displays of art. I wanted to snap photos but we decided we would eat first and then cam-whore. I was a little surprised when I first saw the maids since they were a bit different then what I imagined but they were nice non the less.

    So we started to look through the menu for the longest time while admiring the whole surrounding area. It was indeed very spacey and unique. I really liked the environment! Also all the drinks look really interesting like they had a tea where the flower would bloom inside your pot. We all eventually decided what we were going to drink and eat. I decided on Ruby Rooibos Tea ( strawberry, raspberry blend with vanilla syrup) and Lobster Ravioli while my friends had Royal T Milk Tea, Morocco Mint Tea, Spicy Tuna Tartar, & Rib Eye Sandwich.

Morroco Min Tea, Ruby Rooibos Tea, & Royal T Milk Tea

Lobster Ravioli

Spicy Tuna Tartar

Rib Eye Sandwich

       Now I must say, the drinks and food does not match up to how awesome the environment and whole cafe area was! The best tasting drink out of all of ours after adding a bunch of sugar and honey, was the Royal T Milk Tea. Second was the Morocco Mint Tea, and guess whose last?? You guessed right...the Ruby Rooibos Tea. My first sip tasted funky already but I didn't think much. My friends and I tried out each others drinks and first comment was on the Mint Tea tasting like mouthwash (it wasn't as bad as it sounds) and then they got to mine...both said it tasted like COUGH SYRUP. Yes, you read right, cough syrup. I could not take it and the food itself wasn't that bad but it was quite salty so I NEEDED a drink badly. The cough syrup drink just didn't taste any better no matter how many sips or how much sugar and honey I added. Luckily, my friend gave me a portion of her Mint Tea and that drink the more you drank, the better it taste so it saved me greatly!

All the sugar and honey added~

     As I have mentioned earlier that the food was alright, but quite salty. The best was the Spicy Tuna Tartar but the portions were pretty tiny. Now on to the desserts! We ordered Caramel Flan & Tiramisu. We thought flan couldn't go wrong and Tiramisu was a risk. So the flan came, and it looked like cheesecake. I was a bit shocked since I imagined flan to be a pudding like substance. We tried it anyway and it was a bit funky as well but edible. Certainly not the best flan but I seriously thought it looked more like cheesecake or Tiramisu.  Lastly, the Tiramisu came, and I was SHOCKED once again. I literally sat there and stared at the dessert with my eyes wide open like O_O. It was a bowl of fluffy whiteness and I thought Tiramisu looked more like...the flan we got? Well thank god after we dug in, the Tiramisu came out of hiding! Also the first bite was pretty heavenly♥ especially compared to all that I have gone through the entire course. It's just one bowl was too much for all 3 of us since it was quite sweet.

Caramel Flan
Tiramisu Fluffy
Tiramisu inside

       So after all the eating, we explored the front art displays as well as the very KAWAII shop♥. It was lovely and extremely pricey for some of the gifts but I had sooo much fun looking through everything! They had things from cute couple cups wearing Japanese school outfits and Pocky chopsticks to a book on everybody dying and break up handkerchief! I also loved cam-whoring with all those fun displays and items in the shop. After the shop, we decided to head back to where we came from and take photos of the other displays and unique items. We end up seeing a awesome porta potty that said Porta Party and when you opened it there was a disco ball and music! Last of all, we couldn't leave without visiting the restroom and guess what?? THE RESTROOM LOOKED AWESOME!!! I mean it's not the most beautiful restroom but I loved the interior design, the chandeliers, and just the beautiful mirrors and sinks.

inside porta party
outside porta party

The restroom

see the chandelier and everything?

     Overall, this experience was pleasant and very fulfilling cam-whoring wise. Also it was love to my eyes♥! Sadly, the food and drinks were a bit pricey for the taste and I was a bit disappointed in that. I would indeed come back just for all the displays and shops and I guess I'll try a different drink or food? I'm willing to give it a second chance just because I thought the environment and the whole place was just plain INTRIGUING

NOW..PREPARE FOR PICTURES OVERLOAD!!!!! (I mean it!! & the photos aren't in order ^^")

 cute heart 

outside of Royal T front and back

love the lighting♥

having fun cam-whoring outside
photo with the Kaws

I love the bg~~see the pretty chandelier?? It had pink lights!!
Tiramisu~~happy eating!
My expression says it all.
Nice maid took photo for us ^^~Can you spot the maid in the bg?
Miyu & I~

Break up handkerchief

contents of the break up

Alien looking display~so cute!

there are eyes O_O

cuteeee!!! It makes me want to stick eyes on my teapots!

view of cafe from front

we like to party♥

posing away~

cute display at the shop

T^T I want!!
Everybody dies~according to the book someone is dying every 157 seconds~are you still here?

They have a white sofa to sit on ^_^ random~

can you spot the cam-whores?

Awesome Graffiti Piano!


           And that was the end of my experience at Royal T Maid Cafe♥

Please look forward to reviews on Princess Mimi (Bambi) Apple Green & Super Nudy Pink Lense~I have a bunch of items that I still need to review since I'm a Shopaholic so please forgive me =]


chenyee123 said...

wow! the place looks really pretty! I went to the maid cafes in some countries too but I haven't been to the maid cafes in Japan
somehow i have the exactly same reaction as you when I first saw the maids haha

MoodiBunni said...

oh really? Which other countries have maid cafes? I really want to go to the one in Japan but I won't be able to visit them for a long time since the Tsunami and earthquake T^T~~

Eddy Wisseman said...

Hahaha, this is so cool! That place looks so nice, and the food looks so delicious! The maids must look pretty cute, too -- it must be nice to have a maid do the cleaning for you.

MoodiBunni said...

haha the food is good depending on what you get =]~As for the maids, they weren't the typical cutesy maids~very unique indeed ^_^