Monday, March 28, 2011

Princess Mimi (Bambi Series) Sesame Grey & Geo Angel Green

I've realized that I haven't touched this blog for a while and all these product reviews I planned to do are stacking up. I think it's too much to put it all in one post so I'll gradually post them. Today's special though will be two circle lens review~~

I'll start off with Geo Angel Green♥

These lens have been reviewed many times before and I had these for a while but I've decided to review them. (I might review all my other lens too if I have time, I have like 13 pairs and I've only reviewed two of them @_@)

Here is a closeup in natural lighting:

Whole face look~~(sorry about messiness, I just took shower ^^")

These lens weren't very comfy the first time but like a lot of lenses, after a little while it feels much more comfortable! The color isn't extremely vibrant nor is it that dark, but for sure it is noticeable and people will most likely notice. Especially if you're Asian most people will be curious of your green eyes =D~but it is indeed pretty. The enlargement is obvious but not overly exaggerated. Overall, I enjoyed wearing these.


Comfort-8/10 The comfort level is quite comfortable =]
Color- 7.5/10 I like the color because it's not too bright nor too dark but I gave it a 7.5 based on how vibrant it is.
Enlargement-7/10 The enlargement is good but because there are so many lens coming out with larger sizes so a 7/10 for the Angels♥
Overall-7/10 since it's not my most favorite but I like it =D

While I'm at it, here is a picture of the Angel Violets that I LOVED♥


Princess Mimi Sesame Grey (Bambi Series)

This lens is well known to be worn by Tsubasa ♥

I just want to say how much I love these lens! I was a bit afraid at first because the size is 15mm and I was afraid I would look alien like but it is extremely beautiful. The pattern is gorgeous as well as the color! The comfort level was just like a couple of the other lenses where it's a bit uncomfy at first and then my eyes adjust and I eventually can't feel it at all! Seriously, I love these lenses so much and just everything about it! I can't wait to try the Green apple one too!

Comfort-9/10 It eventually felt really close to nothing so 9/10 =D!
Enlargement-10/10 BIG!!! But Pretty ^_^
Color-10/10 I love the pattern and the color! It's so beautiful *O*!!
Overall- 9/10 the only thing was the comfort level when it first entered my eye, other then that, WOOT!!!

There's my huge camwhore~~^3^~~~

My next few posts will be more reviews♥

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MikaTiffany said...

YAYYYY! :) They all look great on you but my favorite is the sesame grey <333 SO PRETTY!! Can't wait til you review more ~