Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 2~My Favorite Animal♥

First off, today was an awesome and crazy day. I had my portion of bad luck though...but anyways I will write more about that awesome day and load picture when I'm not lying on the bed, very bloated, and feeling sleepy. The thing I must do now is to complete challenge for Day 2. Well I don't exactly have a favorite animal but I love doggies♥ Since dogs are such a wide range I will specify that. My favorite dog is the Shiba Inu. It always has been a breed I especially liked since super long ago! If your not sure what a Shiba Inu looks like, it is basically a smaller version of the Akita and it looks kind like a fox with a curled tail. Very kawaii! So..instead of blabbing so much I will overload with some pictures ^_^

The Shiba Inu:

Ok..I guess I should stop showing pictures of only puppies >3< so here is a picture of an adult Shiba:

yes...and just because I found so much more cute is just a little bit more..I PROMISE!!!

^ ahhh~~so cute!! It's a Shiba Inu puppy's butt and it is in action! Well that is all and hope I have blinded you all with these cutesy pictures and maybe persuade you to love Shiba Inus too XD! Bye until tomorrow~~and look forward to my post about my crazy lunch today! (All pictures credited to google image)