Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Candylicious BarbieEye Bambi 3 Tone Blue Lens Review♥

Long time no blog!!! I just started school and I can't believe how busy my first week was!! It ranged from cooking pasta, casino school night, baking pizzas, crazy card game punishments, and sleepless night fun at palm desert resort! Anyways, at least I took some photos for circle lens review. For the above picture, I bought both pink and blue but I only got the chance to try the blue Bambi lens by Candylicious. These were purchased from apple of your eyes. They have a wide range of lenses that I have never heard of but are gorgeous!! Also at a great price!

Anyways on to the review.........
I think every lens are different. These weren't uncomfortable, but for some reason the violet bambi felt a bit more comfortable. These just like the violet were HUGE. I'm not sure if it's the same size as the Princess Mimi's but it does look bigger!!

I was actually really afraid to try these because they were blue..and I didn't think I would pull off blue lens very well. I had this horrifying experience with Nudy Golden Blue lens and I made people go O__O at me under forever 21's bright lighting =_=...I never wore it again after that. ANYWAYS, this blue is DIFFERENT. It's shows but its not like those BAM IN YOUR FACE type of blue. It is a pretty cerulean blue color. It blends well  and can look grey at times but it's definitely brighter then grey. I really do love the color and it has given me a good impression of blue lens.

Comfort: 7.5/10 It was ok, didn't feel as comfortable as my violet ones but I could still wear it. As I have said, every lens seems to be different.
Enlargement: 10/10 Super enlarging!
Visibility: 8.9/10 Not that bright but I assure you that everyone will most likely notice that you have colored lens on!
Overall: 8.8/10 I like these lens but I'm still conscious of wearing blue lens, but I will definitely try wearing these more since they have made a good impression on me ^o^

Now on to a bunch of pics~Remember how I said I didn't get enough photos? Well now I do =]

Under fluorescent lighting

Natural window lighting

Under flash
Camwhore time♥

Another flash picture~

I actually like the color under flash ^o^ and I like my orange shadow


cover my mouth to emphasize my eyes XD

My next lens review will most likely be on Geo Angel Define lens which are very natural! I'll have that up within the next two days =] Thanks for all that are patient with me and still read my blog ^o^ ♥♥♥


Jen said...

Wow.. these lenses look absolutely amazing! :O I love these on you ^^ They look great~ <3

the-serenity22 said...


But I'm so sorry that this Blue is not that comfortable for you.
Will give you more discount on your next purchase (=

Stay pretty!


Kasui said...

I don't know those colors of Bambi line!! I really love the purples ones! *_____*

Kallen said...

They're so pretty!
I find it difficult to wear bright lenses too and tend to stick to darker ones but it's just a bit of stylish fun so don't worry what others think ^^

♥ Natalie said...

You look AWESOME with them! They really are great on you!
(btw I love your hair color! :D)


Elisa ♥ said...

wow your eyes are so big!! <3

Sam Murakami said...

Hey Dear,
can you please tell me how the Nudy Golden Blue worked for you? (Despite that people ran away because of the color.. xD )because I recently bought it and it is HORRIBLE uncomfy. I'm guessin now if I had a defect lens or is this kind of lens just shitty? ._. Would be great to share experiences <3

Anonymous said...

Wow the lenses are amazing on you ^^ you are so cute! <3

THT Christina said...

Wow I like these A LOT! I never knew that they had this in blue! Thanks for the review!!

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Ah--- your eye makeup is always so pretty! ; _ ; And this shade of blue looks gorgeous on you! Deep but not too light-- like you wanted, yes?

(Also, I think the G&G/Dueba/Vassen version(s) of the Bambi/Mimi series are actually the smaller of the two. Geo's Mimis are 15 mm. Most G&G/Dueba lenses are 14.5~14.7 mm)

-OZONE- said...

Thank you so much for this review ! ~ These lenses look absolutely that kind of blue lenses I've been dreaming about for a long time *~*

MoodiBunni said...

Jen: Thank you!

Serenity: Thank you!! I love all the lens that I have purchased from you so far!!

Kasui: It's not exactly the original bambi but I like this one because it has violet *O* and I love violet lens! I'm also shocked it had blue and pink too!

Kallen: Haha I like wearing them for special occasions because I feel it is too much if I wear it everyday ^^

Natalie: Thank you =D

Elisa: It's the 16mm lens XD

Sam: I think you should stop wearing them. Nudy lens weren't the most comfortable but they definitely don't feel HORRIBLE. I believe you should stop wearing them! Usually if lens hurt, they are most likely defective. That happened to my Princess Mimi lens =[

Isa: Thank you ♥

THT Christina:
Yeah They are coming out with so many similar lens and with different colors *O*

Noxin: Thank you, and yup I didn't want it to be too bright but still noticeable =] As for these ones, I think it said 16mm? I couldn't tell that much at first but once I wore them I found out that they are HUGE O_O

Ozone: I'm glad it was helpful =D

Emy said...

Jessicaaaa I misss youuu!

☆ ~ MIKI ~ ☆ said...

you look like a porcelain doll :) sooo pretty